Thursday, August 6, 2009

Michelle Obama:Reppies Rampage Just in Time for Football Hall of Fame Weekend

Our xenophobic Reppies apparently don't have enough to complain about this weekend with the HOF bringing in all those thugs and low lifes to terrorize innocent locals and eat over-priced ribs at the dark and ominous Stark County Fairgrounds. To pick, up the slack they've decided to beat up the First Ladies Library for appointing Michelle Obama the Honorary Chair.

We remember no complaints when Laura Bush was appointed or that liberal elitist White House dyke-in-residence Hillary Clinton. Or for that matter any other First Lady since the library's inception. Who should they appoint honorary chair? Glenn Beck?

I Hate Canton loves the First Ladies Museum and Library, but in the interests of full disclosure, we admit that we have problems with the First Ladies hierarchy that runs the place, mainly Mary Regula. We can neither forget nor forgive the jackhammering of 6500 memorial bricks at the Saxton House. How destroying history preserves history is a mystery to us. We were so disturbed by the wanton destruction-without-notice of the beloved downtown park that we even wrote a short conference paper about it. If there is an afterlife, we hope that Scary Mary is required to spend eternity piecing the bricks back together while the memorialized and their families stand over her jackhammers in hand.

We also find the museum hours of operation rather odd, as well as the library's research-by-appointment-only policy.

These, though, are organizational problems. None of this, of course, is what aggravates our Reppies.

What aggravates them is that some ungrateful and uppity black woman who made a substantial salary on her own merits outside of the domestic sphere is the First Lady.

Of course, First Lady hostility isn't partisan. It isn't limited to Democratic, black, educated White House wives who don't bake cookies. Who can forget the great "respect" Nancy Reagan, Betty Ford, and Rosalynn Carter were afforded for not knowing "their place?" And let's not even go to Eleanor Roosevelt (communist), Mary Todd Lincoln (Confederate spy), Rachael Jackson (adulterer) , and Martha Washington (aristocratic snob with pretensions to be the first Queen of America). It's a wonder that the first act of women whose husbands are elected to the presidency isn't to hang themselves in the master bedroom closet. Especially if the think they might end up visiting Canton some day.

Why, in fact, would any woman...well, anyone, for that matter...with an ounce of culture and education want to step foot in Canton, Ohio where local cranks under clever non de plumes, have no compunction to write the following about a small, but nationally respected historical site dedicated to women's achievements, women in general, and presidential wives in particular?

First Lady Michelle Obama Agrees to Chair First Ladies Library
This is a complete waste of taxpayers money. Give the money to feed some poor children. This library is a joke.

How is this library funded and what exactly is the purpose?

What a crock of garbage.

Jane Montrose
I think what we are finding frustrating is that Mrs Obama's name will be on the letterhead, etc., but she has no duties or obligation to actually come here. It does seem rather silly and a complete waste.

Prima Italiana
whippty frickin do dah day. Make sure you roll out the red carpet for her majesty.

I'm not sure whether to puke now or later.

Clarence Beeks
Another reason for Ms. Obamalicious to be a proud American for the first time in her life.

Well, isn't that just special? Gag!

'But will Obama visit the First Ladies Library?

While there are currently no plans, Krider said, We are hoping to get her here sometime in the near future.

Let's see. She 'agrees to chair' it . . . but she's never seen it . . . and has no plans to see it??

OMG. They don't even realize when they're being given the finger.

What a waste!
She will be about as welcome as a fox in a hen house. Let her give her sleeveless dresses, designer purses and $500 tennis shoes to Goodwill when she retires from her First Lady business. I for one am sick and tired of her having to 'for once in my life feel proud to be an American' attitude. Then making her husband fulfill a promise to 'fly her to Broadway for the evening' for her birthday. The arrogance and audacity such as this just doesn't happen overnight. Just ask those at the hospital in Chicago where she went from 'rags to riches' in both salary and benefits after her husband became a part of the Chicago political machine. Too bad she never learned charity at home. Oh yeah, her daddy was part of the political spoils system she was born into. Almost forgot.

Being a nonpartisan person, I resent being told that I find this whole thing foolish because I am a disgruntled Republican and I should get over the election loss. No, I find that Michelle Obama's lack of ethics disgusting. Her pay at the Chicago hospital was outrageous. Her attitude about this country is poor and she is only out for herself. Whether you liked the Bush presidents or not, their wives look like saints compared to Michelle Obama.

Clarence Beeks
She'd probably show up if Canton had a store that sells $2,000 and up shoes.

Much as I hate Ted Kennedy and the clan he stands for, he would make a more intelligent and better looking first lady than Michelle Obama. I vote we make him honorary chairwoman.

Notice that a number of these people are the same ones who complain incessantly that Canton is full of thugs, deadbeats, lazy blacks, illegal tax-sucking immigrants, and (female) welfare cheats. They are the first to beat the patriot drum, wave their flags, and bemoan the death of the Constitution. Yet, they degrade and insult a first class presidential historical site and collection that houses an important part of American history that they claim to honor. They veil their racism in sexism and veil their sexism in hatred of the president. It's all one big ball of hate for them.

I Hate Canton wonders what HOF visitors this weekend, who stumble across the Michelle Obama/First Ladies Library hatefest, will make of Canton. Not much we guess.


mary said...

Michelle Obama is a very classy first lady, unworthy of all the criticism she encounters for everything from wearing sleeveless dresses, for enjoying a night on the town, (unheard of for first ladies)to the way she wipes herself. Leave the woman alone. You already take her husband and de-bone him....isn't that enough to satisfy you Rep vultures?

Don Cirelli said...

Most of these anti-Michelle Obama comments are by people who:

a.) hate blacks, or

b.) hate women, or

c.) hate blacks AND women

Nuff said.

BD said...

Race, sex, and gender are entertwined in American politics. Michelle Obama represents all three. It's an interesting phenomenon that nearly all First Ladies end up being reviled no matter what their husband's politics are or what they do. They serve as a receptacle for hate. It's about hatred of women in general, but more.

Nothing is ever about what it appears to be about. Healthcare is about race for sure, but what else?

When people live in a disordered world they find sometimes odd ways to order it back into their own mythology of what the world was like before....I suppose healthcare is about that disorder. It's the scapegoat for years of mismanagement, mistaxation, and arrogance on the part of the people who in theory "represent" us. Middle class outrage is always interesting because they see themselves misplaced--worthy people treated the same as the unworthy who they perceive to have spent a lifetime snarfing on the dole. It's kind of a whine" I'm white and middle class. You cant treat me this way. These same people, though, never complain about out-of-control defense spending, pet wars and pet wars. It's easier to blame the little guy--the unworthy.