Monday, August 24, 2009

Catching Up with the Rep

Doing some catch up today.

For some time now, we've noticed that the new posting rules at the Rep weren't being enforced. Racist and other questionable comments posted by new handles pop up every few days.

Here is what Editor Gauger posted on July 2:

Starting today, any new registered user will automatically be set to require editor review before publication. Until now, all new users’ comments have published immediately.

We’ll move new users to “trusted” status when we’re persuaded they can be, well, trusted, and only then will their comments publish immediately. Users who register under obviously fake names (Bugs Bunny, Canton Commenter, I M Smart, etc.) and provide a free e-mail address (,, will have a higher bar to cross to persuade us they can be trusted.

Yet, we found this One Hit Wonder the other day, since removed, attacking Councilwoman Mary Cirelli's hair. We' don't believe it deserved removal, despite its poor taste and stupidity (as opposed to the racist comments which just keep going and going and going and do need removed) but we've not seen hide nor hair of "ttt" before or after this post, that we remember. So how did "ttt" get "trusted" status?

Canton Mayor Grilled Over Layoffs
mary, why dont you go to the salon with the rest of the old bittys and get your hair done,i think its fitting to tight to your scalp

Next, we have not a One Hit Wonder, but we hope a Gone Hit Wonder--VOID winner "colorless" and her/his "shut the F*** Up!" comment earlier today, also removed. The big mysteries: was the word botectomied, did "colorless" do it on its own, or was the post removed because it called out people with the "F word." We'll never know.

Obama's Audacity of Arrogance Will Be His Downfall (spelling not corrected)

mary v parker
kitty burgett

If BO said to take red hot forks and poke out your eyes and you dont agree...' the KOOL AID GANG ' will be on here to tell you why you should shut up and just do it , or blame Bush or try to make you seem crazy for haveing common sence or say something about race thats why your not doing it ect ect ect ... i wish your and your club would shut the F***K Up! and let the normal people have a say too... without being jumped because they dont agree with your views!!!! no matter what the subject is these people have a negative comment on every post in the rep

Finally, where in the world is Clarence Beeks? We suspect Clarence is brooding on the island with LeVar Burton, Col Jessep, Fawn Leibowitz, Big Al Carter, Theodore Donald Kerobatos and Harry Hartouian. Or in Octopuppet's head. Same thing. Libel's not nice.

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harasxlacidar said...

I miss Big Al Carter and his stupid remarks.
That statement from Jeff, that's supposed to have been in place for a while now, correct?

BD said...

Yes, since the beginning of July.

Anonymous said...

Can we really poke your eyes out, colorless? Anybody got a screwdriver?