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Village Idiot of the Day, August 15, 2009: mandim, Frank Manello, Badlarry, Bull Meechum

Hey! We thought racism is dead now that Barack Obama is president. Isn't that what our Reppies keep telling us? In our new racismless society, mandim, Frank Manello Badlarry, and their knuckledragging associates, therefore, feel free to spew racism because racist banter is just... well...irrelevant and funny. If you don't think so, you're just a big spoilsport.
Take this story: E-mails Land Local Police Dispatchers in Hot Water

See, two of Stark County's finest police dispatchers were popped recently for sending an ugly little picture around to their colleagues. Ohio Daily broke the story on Friday. Later that day, the Rep picked it up.

The Rep's Edd Prichard writes:

The e-mail in question is a photograph of Air Force One and claims the plane’s identification number has changed since Barack Obama became president. The photo has been doctored to show a new number of the plane’s tail. The combination of numbers and letters spells out a racial slur.

We suggest you go to Ohio Daily Blog for details, including this link to the picture and emails. The picture the dispatchers found so hilarious is also posted on the right. We suppose somebody will kick us for posting it, but we think it's important for Stark Countians to know what those who protect and serve do when they're protecting and serving us. As of this writing, three Ohio Daily Blog stories on the incident are at the top of the blog's page, just below a poll and a entry on healthcare.

According to the Ohio Daily articles, North Canton Dispatcher Anita Malachowski and Uniontown Dispatcher Holli Webb are both currently on administrative leave while the incident is investigated:

Dispatcher Anita Malachowski forwarded a message she received to an undisclosed number of recipients. Clearly a violation of the public trust and jeopardizing the police officers in her department.

What's more shocking is that the story doesn't stop there.

Malachowski received the email as part of a larger email blast sent by Uniontown Police Dispatcher Holli Webb.

Our white Republican Reppies, of course, have their own take on this: what's the big deal?

Two-time VIOD winner (see IHC May 30 and June 11, 2009) "Mandim," fired the opening salvo:

Why didn't anyone say anything when they were poking such 'serious' fun at Sara Palin or George Bush? GET REAL.... These people are probably the VERY SAME people that voted the guy in the President's seat. SO WHAT? Isn't the state of the economy a bit more important? What about lay-offs? What's about gas prices? I am sure Pres. Obama and his ENTIRE family has had to put up w/this all his life. I am sure they are familiar with the ignorance of race. Yes, it may be unappropriate but COME ON... let's move on to serious matters like the state of the economy. And to think of how poor George W was made fun of for being illliterate and Sara being made fun of because she was so stupid she could see the Russians from her house. GEEZE PEOPLE. MAYOR HELD.... MOVE ON

Followed by another former winner, Frank Manello, (see IHC May 6, May 11, May 30, June 18, 2009) who really should know better. At least he uses his real name:

Frank Manello
I received the email in question. I figured it was just another screwup by the government. You mean it was faked?

Followed by Badlarry. Remember him? He's the guy who posted racist remarks last Fathers Day, quickly removed by the Rep, about a biracial couple and their adopted black children. Larry received the coveted VIOD for his brilliant comments; then slunk back under the floorboards where he mouldered until yesterday.

what the big deal omg i think it funny lollllll

and finally, a new competitor, taking valuable time off from being The Great Santini:

Bull Meechum. (We wonder how Mrs Santini feels about her husband shacking up with "Col. Jessep").
Big deal. Too much PC. The photo of the 747 is what it is. Funny. Would it be more appropriate to show Obama runnung around in the aircraft fron the movie Soulplane? Probably. It would be just as comical as well. Get over it people..

We are tempted to break up this lovely quartet for ranking purposes, but why bother? Lets give them all the Village Idiot of the Day award, August 16, 2009 for racism above and beyond the call of duty. Since racism for them is in the eye of the overly-sensitive beholder, the overly-sensitive I Hate Canton chooses to intepret their remarks as racist. We also award the Village Idiot of the Day to Anita Malachowski and Holli Webb. If you were in the midst of a home invasion or a trapped in a car crash would you want them on the other end of the phone? Especially if you were black.

UPDATE--August5 18, 2009, 12:35 PM: Martin Olson reports on SCPR that he has received information that at least one unnamed Stark County police chief distributed the email, too, probably to members of the Stark County Police Chiefs Association.

Update-August 18, 2009, 3:05 PM: Just on general principle we're adding Edgeoh to yesterday's award list, even though this message was posted around noon today:

I thought it was a riot. You people really need to lighten up. But I do agree it should not have been on a work computer.

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mary said...

Wow, what a great lineup. Perfect picks for Idiots of the week. BadLarry is only bad in his mind. Maybe you should just consider making him/her idiot of the century, that way you wouldn't have to keep adding him. Do you have a HOF for the idiots that grace these pages. I'd love to be at their induction. Let them submit their induction speeches.

I'd like to submit a name for your next idiot. How about 'COLORLESS', who is also'brainless' judging by the stupidity of their rantings.

I don't know who does the picking for the Idiots now chosen, but I must say, they have great taste in idiots. Keep up the good work. You're batting 100. Too bad the Indians aren't.

BD said...

I Hate Canton had forgotten about "colorless." We shall be on the lookout!

Anonymous said...

My comment was not racist. It was a statement about how stupid and screwed up our government is.

BD said...

Granted, our government is stupid and screwed up. Part of that stupidity and screwed-upedness, though is institutional racism. To deny that continues the problem,. If this is the way police dispatchers regard the president due to his race, then how do they regard the people they are commissioned to serve and protect? The incident in itself might be considered "no big deal" in and of itself, to some people, but it continues the racist environment that is Stark County.

Anonymous said...

BD have you seen the way Barney Frank, Pelosi and Reid regard the American people?
Plus, if I'm going to win the coveted award, I have said a lot worse in the eyes of some.

BD said...

You're assuming we on the same side as Barney Frank, Pelosi, and Reid. I've nothing against Frank, but the other two are just the same old mediocre hacks we've had in Washington for the last 60 years (or to be truth, more. They do, however, have no relation to racism in SC or the subject at hand. Old boss same s the old boss The King is dead. Long live the King.