Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, August 18, 2009

Just when I Hate Canton thinks we've seen the last of Bummy he's pops back: a bit player in our life, like Guinn "Big Boy" Williams or J. C. Flippen. Last time we heard from him (we're using the generic "him" since we suspect "he" really is a "he") Bummy was lecturing us on the impossibility of the moon landing. To be specific, Bummy informed us that the 1969 Apollo moon landing never happened because God only lets a few people go to the moon (for example, Enoch), and Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin aren't two of them.

We were gifted yesterday with Bummy's reappearance in Michael Jackson to be Buried on His Birthday.

That's OK, his nose was rotted off before he died & now his whole body has rotted before he is buried. HA HA! He was not, is not & never will be KING of POP! The recent polls showed that Elvis STILL holds that title! :):):) Wackson was king of kiddy perverts! I know, the REAL TRUTH is not allowed on here, so I do not expect you to post this.

Reaction was swift. Here's some samples:

If you don't care then why did you take the time to read the story?

Mean and nasty haters just what the world needs more of. That was rude and hateful you should be ashamed. If you mom read that would she be proud?

He doesn't have a mom. Can't you tell.

Bette Iden
Bummy....did your mother have any children that lived?????

I am 2% DUMBER for having read Bummy's remark - thanks for that Bummy...

Or should I say Dummy? lol!

to which Bummy replied

The Real Truth really hurts you 1/2 wits, UH? HA HA HA

For his tasteful memoriam of Michael Jackson and gracious response, Bummy is hereby awarded the Village Idiot of the Day Award, August 18, 2009,. In addition to the current honor, he has previously won 2 solo VIOD awards, 1 co-award, and 1 honorable mention. Click on his name in the "Cast of Characters, Plots" sidebar to the right to read more about him and his achievements.

Bonus for Bummy Fans: I Hate Canton has located, Bummy's training manual, The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity, by Prof. Carlo M Cipolla, illustrations by James Donnelly. This short course is essential reading for anyone who strives to the Village Idiot of the Day Award.

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1 comment:

mary said...

Another good one!

Congratulations Bummy. Well deserved. Stick with that handbook. It won't help you, but at least you'll be kept busy and have less time to talk about Denzel. (SMILE)