Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, August 9, 2009: garylivick

Carrying the Nazi meme into today, we have garylivick, who, btw, as far as we can tell is a real person. Writing under Donna Brazile: Rx for Reform Means Dialogue, Not Disruption Mr. Livick lectures Don Cirelli and tells us all:

don.....if you knew history you would know that Nazi's are a branch which were Socialistic in nature which applies to the Democratic/Liberal party of today! If you disagree check history from 1885 - 1946 in Germany.

If any party has progressed to the definition of 'Nazi's', I would suggest you look no further than this current administration. It is NOT about doing what the approximately 70% of Americans want to do.....which is to keep healthcare privatized......it is to gain more CONTROL over Americans. Yes, I keep hearing what this administration, and all it's czars want to do, and how you will be able to keep your insurance private.....BUT everyone seems to ADD that little comment in there that states that YOU MUST convert to the PUBLIC PLAN within 5 years! At least have the GUTS to tell the TRUTH!

We' like to hear garylivick's alternate plan for health care reform.

Until then, we are happy to name garylick Village Idiot of the Day, August 9, 2009. With this award comes a GoogleBooks link to Fritz Stern's Hitler: The Fuhrer and the People, hoping he'll get a clue what real Nazis do, though we doubt it.

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