Thursday, July 23, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, July 22, 2009: HeresJohnny

I Hate Canton has been watching "HeresJohnny" the last few days. We suspect "Johnny" stands for John Birch (or should). We also suspect he/she may be "Anti-Bilderberger" under a less idenifying name. After all, you never know when Henry Kissinger or Nat Rothchild is reading the Rep, and it's best to protect yourself from their One World agents. We realize there are more deserving Reppies, but Johnny brings a unique perspective to the news without assassinating the character of his readers.

Here's two HeresJohnny observations from yesterday:

Help Clean Up Canton Before Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival
Maybe the buses that they are not using now we can be taken to the Fema camps for extermination.I hope all the poor win the lotto so we can leave the city and get our pride back thats lost because of greed.

Local Couple Shares Gender Transition Story on TV Tonight
Thank Margaret Sanger and the Eugenics movement and also the feminization of men through the Womens movement and the Sodium flouride and drugs in our water supplies.They want the breakup of families and make people have no more children. The only reason dude looks like a lady is because sex is distorted through mind altering. And most people do they really know what is in vaccines and pills and shots they have taken. I doubt it.

Until recently I Hate Canton enjoyed conspiracy theory. We all know who really killed Kennedy. But between the Birthers and the Truthers and a sort of forced but temporary in-house relationship with a visiting conspiracy nut (did you know the Federal Reserve invented the Hells Angels, LaRaza, eugenics, "womens liberation" AND, patriarchy --and probably the Canton Repository?), we've had it.

So today we are proud to present HeresJohnny with the coveted Village Idiot of the Day award, July 22, 2009. Now would you like to discuss the 9/11 partnership of the "Italian Mafia," Osama bin Laden, and the Fed? We got the lowdown from our visitor and it's still fresh in our mind.

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