Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, July 14, 2009: darnlevy, kdn447

I Hate Canton is once more preparing for a trip deep into Ohioana; aka The Wilderness. We will continue to post (we assume) from remote spots where only the most courageous or fool hearty fear to tread, at least without a Glock. We are leaving in a few hours so we have only quickly perused yesterday's Repository for signs of village idiocy. Some days the prohibition on crime story comments makes ferreting out Village Idiots difficult, but like the poor, VIs are always with us.

Take darnlevy.

For some time now, darnlevy has shown Village Idiot potential. Last month he/she won standing for calling Hitler a leftist, a theme continued yesterday on the Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearings.

I Hate Canton, of course, is not unfamiliar with objections to the candidate. We have a friend, for instance, who claims that Ms. Sotomayor in her off- hours, howls at the moon. He knows this for certain because "lines of evil" are engraved around her mouth--a sign of her obsessive and debilitating nightlife. He says he wouldn't mind it so much if she'd just admit it, but she in the thrall of the Federal Reserve. My friend also believes Sotomayor is involved in a nefarious conspiracy, designed by feminists, to keep women in "their place" by forcing them to wear high heeled shoes (invented in the 1930s by the Rothchilds). And no, I Hate Canton is not making this up. How could we?

Anyway, darnlevy sounds like an astute political observer compared to my friend. Here's what he/she had to say yesterday about Sotomayor or at least Sotomayor's belief that Roe settled law.

Sotomayor Calls Abortion Rights Settled Law
let us take a look from now back to the past with just a few names.....John Holdren, Sonia Sotomayor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Margaret Sanger, Adolf HITLER.... man oh man, if it wasn't for that Holocaust thing the Left would have thousands of statues of him positioned around the nation.


Don't smoke, stay thin, eat this, organic this, a healthy earth is a healthy human, eugenics(abortion and 'grandparent you don't need that surgery!')... thinking there trying to create the Master race..

Without a doubt, darnlevy is the winner of the July 15, 2009 Village Idiot Award. Alex Jones and Prison Planet should be proud.

We cannot, however, ignore the efforts of kdn447. Not up to darnlevy, but not to be ignored either. We therefore are happy to give kdn447 a second place for his/her comments on Alaska's Xena on steroids, Sarah Palin. We also like the wolf tie-in. Sotomayor howls at the moon. Palin shoots her from an airplane. And, as we can all agree, we certainly need more sexy women to protect and serve No, wait, we already had that in Perry.

What is it About Sarah Palin
Im tired of her but I respect her.

None of this would still be on the screen if she were homely, fat, frumpy and pear-shaped with massive hips, nor if she were gutless and afraid to speak out against powerful men like Obama, etc.

Women are jealous of her looks and figure/fitness, and men are intimidated by her sheer guts (they know they are gutless and wouldn't have the nerve Palin had to buck the Old Boys' Club that keeps men as outsiders, too).

I think it also eats away at many career politicians that she proved several elected jobs could be done by almost ANYONE having basic smarts and common sense.

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