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Villiage Idiot of the Day, April 27, 2011: sallysurvivor

The poor and what were once referred to quaintly as "the underprivileged," continued to take hits yesterday. You'd think these totally self-sufficient Reppies would be too busy building their own roads, driving distant relatives to the doctor and grocery, and stocking up on garden hoses to put out their house fires to bother throwing their 2 cents--or should we say $20,000-- worth in on SARTA, the unemployed, and the frail and elderly.

While our Reppies shake their little fists over lazy unemployed bus riders, Planned Parenthood and weep copious over abortion and innocent babies (who are quickly de-innocented, if they need a hand-up) their real desire is to get rid of The Unworthies: the sick, the mentally or physically disabled, the working poor and poor, food stampers, the unemployed, single mothers and their children with "funny" names, "criminals," liberals, blacks, Hispanics, and the otherwise socially unfit. That is, those who do not meet their rigid perceptions of middle class decorum, economics, and race or have proven too lazy to hold to what they had once they got it. Not surprisingly, our Reppies all hide behind nom de plumes. If their friends, neighbors, and co-workers knew what they thought about them, they'd be stoned at high noon on the downtown plaza.

Take sallysurvivor, for instance. Although as mean-spirited as Tuesday's VID recipient Sourdough Sal, (see below) I've seen nothing to suggest that they are the same person. Our two Sals should take action to distance themselves from each other.

Yesterday sallysurvivor wrote:

Disability Payments are Hardly Luxuries and Recipients Would Much Rather Work

People on disability, should they continue to reproduce? Then the children receive social security also.

Car accidents, say you went out, got loaded, got into an auto accident and are now disabled. Should you be able to receive back more than you paid in?

If that isn't eugenics, then what is?

We'll get serious here for a moment.

The War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race by Edwin Black is the most complete and detailed account of American eugenics published. Junk science eugenics, endorsed by early 20th century US politicians, policy makers, churches, and philanthropists, became the model for Nazi experimentation and extermination. In Chapter 4, Hunting the Unfit. (p. 58 hardback), Black writes of the work in 1915 of the American Breeders Association, an early and leading US eugenics organization:

Ten groups were eventually identified as "socially unfit" and targeted for "elimination." First, the feebleminded; second, the pauper class; third the inebriate class or alcoholics; fourth, criminals of all descriptions including petty criminals and those jailed for nonpayment of fines; fifth, epileptics; sixth, the insane; seventh, the constitutionally weak class; eight, those pre-disposed to specific diseases; ninth, the deformed; tenth, those with defective sense organs, that is the deaf, blind, and mute. In this last category there was no indication of how severe the defect need be to qualify; no distinction was made between blurry vision or bad hearing and outright blindness or deafness.

Not content to eliminate those deemed unfit by virtue of some malady, transgression, disadvantage, or adverse circumstance, the ABA committee targeted their extended families as well . Even if those relatives seemed perfectly normal and were not institutionalized, the breeders considered them equally unfit because they supposedly carried the defective germ-plasm that might crop up in a future generatio . The committee carefully weighted the relative value of "sterilizing all persons with defective germ-plasm," or just "sterilizing only degenerates." The group agreed that "defective and potential parents of defectives not in institutions" were also unacceptable.

Later down the page, Black quotes Harry Laughlin, director of the Eugenics Record Office:

There are many parents who, in many cases, may themselves be normal, but who produce defective offspring. This great mass of humanity is not only a social menace to the present generation, but it harbors the potential parenthood of the social misfits of our future generations.

We see a lot of that attitude amongst Reppies, implicit or explicit, though, not in such radical terms--yet. All in all, one gets the impression that Reppies would be only too happy to disappear the "socially unworthy" and "socially unfit" as long as they didn't have to watch them being disappeared. Sort of like executions or sanitized versions of war. We don't see too far of a jump from Slim Jim's comment on nursing home cuts, "The sole purpose of the left is to take as much money as it can from the evil and greedy to give to the victim" (apparently the old in this case) to thinking of the majority of the population as a "social menace."

In recognition of this proud spirit of eugenicide, we are happy to present sallysurvivor with the Village Idiot of the Day Award, April 27, 2012. Accompanying her award is a copy of The War on the Weak. Upon presentation to I Hate Canton of three medical reports from certified eugenic specialists we will also issue sallysurvivor a Eugenics Certificate which will enable her to marry the eugenic match of her choice as long as he or she carries a matching certificate.

Here is the homepage for War Against the Weak.

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