Saturday, April 30, 2011

Village Idiot of the Day, April 29, 2011: Just S tom, ocean, dsteelman1

Who could complain about Arbor Day? Or connect trees to abortion? That's a rhetorical question. Our Reppies can!

Friday the Rep published a Letter to the Editor from Dick Drake, Certified Arborist, reminding us about the history of Arbor Day and the importance of trees to us and our environment. Now we're not acquainted with Mr. Dale, but anybody who plants trees is OK with us. On an Arbor day long past, we planted a tree in a Sealtest milk carton in our backyard. It now stands over 60 feet high. One of these days it will upturn the garage.

Be we digress...

No sooner did the letter appear when Beavis and, we mean Just S tom and ocean appeared on the scene, apparently toked up on skunkweed, to assure us that no good deed will go unpunished.

Let's Stop taking Arbor Day for Granted
Just S tom



Lawyers for trees anybody?????

Just S tom

dems are silly.....

JOBS.....TERRORISTS.....and LOWER GAS PRICES....then we will start to talk about TREES and GRASS and CLOUDS and GOLD FISH...

Then, a follow-up from Tom cracking on the unlucky soul the Rep reported on earlier this week whose house had burned down and the van he was living in while he was rebuilding was taken out by a tree.

Just S tom

tell that guy with a tree in his van to REPLANT A TREE...

dems are silly folk..

In honor of this article, I will say a prayer of thanks for the trees Im going to burn tomorrow at my bonfire :)

Then, ocean cleverly tying the dialogue together with subtext of the entire discussion: abortion.

Just S tom

OMG!!!!! I bout laughed my hind end off....the guy with the tree in his van!!!!!! I agree dems ARE silly!!!!! They're all for the dang trees but support abortions......screwy! Don't saw that tree down,but suck that unborn outta that woman....heck,they even want to PAY for it!

We feel a little silly about reporting this dialogue, but not as silly as Tom, ocean and dsteelman look to the rest of the world.

Like yesterday, there are more important things to report on, but is there anything more idiotic than Just S tom, ocean, and dsteelman1, Village Idiots of the Day, April 29, 2011?

(see sidebar to the right for past VID honors for all of today's recipients.

4/330/2011m 1:06 PM: We don't know who Mailman is in real live, but IHC thanks him for the plug today in the Rep under this thread. We appreciate the heads up!

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1 comment:

mary said...

You forgot the Mustyman, otherwise known as Mustang Man. His comments are as musty as he/she is.

I often wonder if those 3 are really three, or just 1 pretending to be three. I can't believe that three people would have such small brains.If you put all three together, you still wouldn't have one good one..