Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Does This Mean Adam Herman Will Now Have to His Freel Time Snooping on Martin Olson?

Martin Olson is keeping the heat on Mayor Jamie I-graduated from-the-Stern-School-and-know-what-I'm-doing Healy. And Healy's not amused.

According to Olson's, Hmmm, are we in Canton, Ohio or Canton, China? Healy has blocked access to Olson's Stark County Political Report from city hall computers. Does Junior Boy (a designation used by IHC's former boss for underlings he especially disliked) really think blocking Olson from on-the-job reading, like he's Dr. Tushy, will win friends and influence people? The folks on the 6th floor are all well aware that the flood is rushing through Healy Gate. If anything, Healy's latest attempt to stifle dissent will bring more interesting phone calls and emails Olson's way.

Who's purged next? The Repository? I Hate Canton?

I Hate Canton is not a Canton political "insider," though we once got as far as the vestibule. It doesn't take an insider, though, to recognize a megalomaniac. And this meglo is destroying the city.

We believed formerly that the thoroughly corrupt CC Curtis, removed from office by Gov. Vic Donahey, and returned by "the voice of the people" with a gracious assist from local bootleggers, was the worst mayor in Canton's history. We have downgraded him to second place. At least Charlie was an honest crook.

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