Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, December 21, 2009

We've been so busy reading comments that we forgot to post Monday's VIOD.

Actually, we took the bait and wasted an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out elnstench's real identity after he/she putatively outed him/herself (we suspect himself) as the "Chaplain for the Stark County TEA PARTY." (His/her caps, not ours). So far, we've been unable to locate such a creature. We did find these interesting Canton Tea party sources, though:

Canton Tea Party page

Jason Wise's Canton Tea Party page

Reality Talk (Ohio Objectivist Society* blog) with this report on the Canton tea party movement.

*(NOTE: We'd love to see the reaction of the imperious Ms. Rand to Tea Baggers. We can guess, though, based on Murray Rothbard's short one-act morality play, Mozart was a Red (intro by Justin Raimondo), based on an evening with Ayn Rand. Read it and you can, too.

What ARE your premises?

But, back to business. elnstench has so enchanted us with his hatred of firefighters, that we're picking him/her/it out for another round of recognition this week. Who else but someone weaned on a fire hose would call firefighters communists?

Canton firefighters to picket over layoffs
As Chaplain for the Stark County TEA PARTY, I would like to thank Mayor Healy for confronting our local Communists Organizations and protecting the rights of our tax payers. Hopefully, WHBC and the Rep. also see the corruption the Unions have sown in our midst! Contract out as needed. Thank you!

Village Idiot of the Day, December 21, 2008: elnstench!

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