Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Jews Did It: A Recent Reppie Rant

Reppies are seldom far from anti-Semitism. While their targets of choice are welfare chiselers, unwed mothers, baggy pantsers, Barrack Obama, Demos, "leftists," "liberals" and petty criminals (ie, blacks according to the Reppie Playbook) there's nothing like kicking a Jew around occasionally to ease the boredom. Having lived in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood and attended a predominantly Jewish public grade school in Canton, I Hate Canton was unaware of local Jew kicking until a rather late date in our personal timeline (like mid-high school). That's when we discovered neighborhood John Birchers and their Let Freedom Ring phone line and their Minutemen friends, and began easing our own summer vacation boredom listening to rants about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and the worldwide communist Jewish conspiracy. No one ever got around to explaining how the Holocaust happened if Jews run everything. Details! Details!

Nothing has changed. Since the Rep went anonymous, we've seen a revival of Jew kicking. Much of it has been minor snarks adequately addressed by sane commenters. Then, the other day, we got a full kick in the pants and ribs, and stomach, and head by burns2--real name as far as we know--Davida Carter-Burns, commenting on Thousands Protest Against Government Spending, an article about the Tea Party march on Washington. The remarks, despicable in any context, take on a significant meaning, intended by the writer or not, of blaming Jews for the current economic disaster. (For some reason she neglects the Do Jews Control Surfing? controversy.) Apparently, black folks, whom Carter-Burns in the past has blamed for much of Canton's and the country's problems (not to mention her own) , haven't yet reached such conspiratorial heights--yet. We can't wait for the launch of the international black communist conspiracy. But while we're waiting:

pie47-Your comment is all over the map. You went from high gas prices to degrading the President's face to taxing pop all in one sentence. Ok, why are you working two jobs in the first place?

Marley - Come on now. You are an intelligent woman. Compared to the government elitist, are we ALL not second class citizens? Except the Jews now. How they got in your category, I don't understand. Jews run everything in this country. What do you want Marley? Are you happy with the status quo? Or do you just want to see protesting for adoptees and stopping wars? Blacks have been protesting since the 1960's to the point of street riots, murdering, and pillaging. Did you condemn them? Hispanics protest. Gays protest. Have you ever debased these groups? I don't think these tea partiers have ever worshiped their government. I think that is what other groups do, the ones who depend on the government.
Davida Carter-Burns

jenny p - I didn't start the stereotyping, marley did. Would you like me to make you a list of everything the Jews run in this country? This isn't stereotyping, it's truth. TRUTH. It's facts. Don't you even dare get on this board and start the race crap. I'll start a very small list of what Jews run: Banks Media Hollywood Government AND a Jew is helping shape the healthcare reform bill, Dr. Ezekial Emmanuel. So, don't get your panties in a wad thinking somebody is degrading the Jewish people. What is your stance on the state of Israel sharing their land with Arabs? Let's hear it. Go.................... Davida Carter-Burns burns2

followed by jeny p's civil--and we are sure--tongue-biting reply:

jenny p
Burns2, Judaism is a religion; not a race.
1) Jews do not own all banks. This is a myth/stereotype that began over 2000 years ago

2) Jews do not own all the media/Hollywood or government Certain high-profile individuals in an industry might be Jewish, but it does not mean that the entire industry is controlled by Jewish people. Because there is 1 Jew helping to reform healthcare does not constitute government. It is important to gain facts. Most of what you said are actually excerpts from white-supremacist websites. If Jews really owned the world and governemt: 1) Our holidays would be federal holidays rather than largely unknown and unrecognized 2) Hebrew would be a 2nd 'preferred' language in the US

3) Jews would not have been persecuted for centuries
4) Synogogues would not have to be closing at the high rate they are across the US 5) There would be MANY more kosher deli's Many Jews are not wealthy. There is a sizeable percentage of Jews who live in poverty. According to a 2001 survey, close to 1 million American Jews live in low income households (less than $25,000 for a family of four). Arm yourself with knowledge and not myths and misconceptions. For instance, watch the Academy Awards. You'll quickly discover that Hollywood isn't all Jewish. If that were true, Adam Sandler would have 50 Hanukah songs by now! lol

I approve of a two-state solution. Peace-loving Jews and Muslims seek peace and many Jews and Muslims are friends in Israel as well as here in the US and other countries.
I hope I've helped clear up any confusion.

Frankly, we think Jenny was way too nice, but then she's a nice person. Anyway, naughty words are discouraged by the Rep even if they show up as f*** or Bab****. So are anti-Semitic comments.

burns2/Davida Carter-Burn's remarks have been excised from the pages of the Rep. (We have a vague memory of a third comment, but didn't retrieve it, so we're not sure.) We have mixed feelings about removal. It's always good to see that someone wakes up at the Rep wheel and puts the skids creepazoids, but we also believe remarks need to remain to show just how far Canton has not come.

Then, there's other remarks that get lifted for no apparent reason other than a letterbomb attack on the Rep by Octo. But that's another story.

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hicktown gal said...

I agree, Jenny is a very nice person. I am not so nice. Davida, let me speak to you in a language that you will understand. You are a pig, a miserable good-for-nothing pig.

Cynthia Vignos said...

Happy Rosh Hashanah!

kdougherty said...

I have had my now 4th name "exorcised" because octo figures out who I am. I will not use my real name as of the nature of my job. I have been "asked" politely to keep it to myself. I do not appreciate that 2 of my names appear as octo, we do not agree on anything and y'all know the libel I got as spaghetti_cat. I thought Davida was black, I could be wrong. Regardless, I have exchanged emails from way back and always thought her to be as fair as Jenny P can be nice. I have yo wonder if this is really her. Anyone thought to ask her before you throw the slam down on her? Not trying to be mean, just curious.

hicktown gal said...

My comment is directed towards the Davida who posted the anti-Semite rants on the Rep website. If it is a phony Davida, then she can wear the 'bigot crown' proudly and can also be called a coward for not posting under her real name when attacking millions of people who practice a certain religion. If it is the real Davida, then she is not as nice as some would think, is she.

shirley u jestolieto said...

Kdougherty, I too have been skepical that burns2 is realy Davida. I lean towards Octo as the true culprit. However, considering this burns2 person has been posting for some time as "Davida Burns Carter" on the Rep and no one has contacted the Rep to complain, I think IHC is justified to use the facts that are presented to them (i.e., the name) in their blog.

BD said...

If you read what we wrote you'll see there's a qualifier--"as far aw we know."

Then, the other day, we got a full kick in the pants and ribs, and stomach, and head by burns2--real name as far as we know--Davida Carter-Burns...

There was some controversy if this poster really is Davida. As pointed out, the name has appeared for weeks in the Rep, which suggests that it is real--though nicked names is not unheard of.

mary said...

Kerry, that is Davida, she is not Black. I don't know how you thought that, with all the derogatory comments she made about Black people.

I have talked to her privately, and she has told me things that only she and I would know, that took place in private e-mails years ago. I had a little doubt that it was really her when I first saw her commenting. Her e-mail to me, erased all that doubt, the email was known only to us, and I never discussed it with anyone else. So when she told me what we discussed, I knew it was her. I'm completely convinced that it is her.

kdougherty said...

I guess that I stand corrected! Thanks for straightening me out. I just try to give people the benefit of the doubt before I fire both barrels at them.

Davida Carter-Burns said...

The next time this creepy comment section decides to judge me unjustly, please post ALL my comments. I never claimed to hate Jewish people. I posted a long list of areas in this country that the Jews predominately run. If that is anti-semantic, it's news to me. I am a born again Christian that supports the nation of Israel. In fact, I have donated quite a bit of money to the efforts of bringing Jews from all over the world back to Israel.

The Rep comment section has tried many times to get rid of me accusing me of being a racist and now an anti-semite. I have never hidden my identity, I have no reason to. If I were what my enemies are accusing me of, why would I use my real name?

I don't know what kind of a site this is, but it's a dangerous one. I happen to know for a fact one of the biggest racists I have met through the comment section is still on there ranting and raving about blacks. Yet she never gets kicked off. She was responsible years ago for emailing everybody Mary Parker's life history. But I get blamed for that too. This Marley Greiner chick rants and condones killing unborn children, yet she remains on there. Somebody told me that Shirley Campolito has 10 aliases, yet she never gets caught and thrown off.

Here's how I see it. The Rep comment section is ruled by a bunch of cry babies looking for something that isn't there. It's all a conspiracy. They didn't need to exorcise me from the garbage filled section, I left on my own accord. Trying to fit into the conversation on that evil site is like trying to walk on hot coals. Eventually you get so burned that you give up.

To the person calling me a pig, you have a lot of nerve. You don't even know me.
Mary Parker, you are as evil as they come. You are the biggest instigator on the comment section, and you are behind most of the hate that seeps from that site.
Davida Carter-Burns

mary said...

Davida, I'm not going to turn this blog into a pig sty ranting and raving with you. I don't give a damn how you feel about me, or your opinion of me. You said someone else, the someone that mailed my history to everyone is the biggest racist, then you turn around and say that I am. I don't know why you think I should just sit by and let oinks like you and the others cut Black people up and not say anything.How you figure I'm the biggest trouble makers on comments. Frankly, my dear, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN what you think of me. You sure didn't sound like you were very crazy about Jews, but unlike you, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe your comments about them were misunderstood. I don't know what's in your heart. Uh, that is if you have one. Have a good day and a good life.