Monday, September 7, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, September 6, 2009: MissOhio2Much

I Hate Canton has a long history of opposing the teaching of religion in the schools. After reading MissOhio2Much yesterday, we modify that belief. How about teaching ABOUT religion in the schools?

Presidential Address to Students Raises Concerns From Parents
kdillard too much kool aid my friend. The bottom line is Catholics aren't allowed to wipe their fanny's without the Pope dictating which way the toilet paper hangs and which way they wipe! You're Catholic you worship the Pope ( A MORTAL MAN NOT A GOD EVEN THOUGH YOUR BIBLE SAYS YOU SHALL HAVE NO GOD BEFORE ME ) already no wonder it won't be so hard for Obama to brain wash you. You're mind is already primed! Wonder how much deserting from the Catholic Church all ya Whites will do when someone makes a black mortal Pope? Or better yet A Black Woman Pope!! Talk about racists will ya? You worship a MORTAL who preaches women aren't good enough to do anything but play bingo and cook church suppers!!!

This isn't 1852, Ms. MissOhio2Much.

There may have been more hateful posts in the Rep yesterday, but none as stupid as yours. For single handedly resurrecting the Know Nothings we are happy to award MissOhio2Much (2nd day in a row) the Village Idiot of the Day, September 6, 2009. And, please, stay in Maine.

BTW, is there a contest going on for Most Stupid Reppie? If not, we suggest that Editor Gauger hold one. There would be no lack of entries.


John E said...

I am so happy someone has told me what to do. I didn't realize the Pope held so much power over my life. Perhaps people who don't know should keep quite instead of spreading false facts about something in which they obviously know nothing.

I also have no problem teaching ABOUT religion.

Jim Hardy said...

Uh.... Are you saying that the Pope isn't a black woman?

John E said...

Dr. H - - You made my day!!