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Village Idiot of the Day, September 5, 2009: pleasebequiet, pt-king, MissOhio2Much,redgal, TMelvill

It's official. The Canton Repository has become unreadable.

There must have been 100 irrational, dumb, and nonsensical posts in the last 36 hours and at least 20 posters who qualify for VIOD awards. Many "writers" appear to be new posters unless they've been posting on jock stories that that I Hate Canton eshews like boiled fish heads --or of course, Octopuppet--always a possibility. The posts go beyond personal attacks on others posters though some are there. Personal attacks, in fact, might be a welcome relief (no, on second thought!) These posters are simply proudly stupid if not deranged. They would not be proudly stupid if they were forced to post under their own names. Would you want your neighbors or mom or boss or employees to read how stupid, mean, and bat shit crazy you are? If you think Dallas was "nut" town on November 22, 1963, come to Canton.

Rather than clog up bandwidith with 100 deranged posts, we're sampling today and summarly naming the posters Village Idiot of the Day, September 5, 2009.

Judge Orders Silence in the Court--with Duct Tape
I love the fact that noone cares that this guy was in court for breaking the law, continued to break the law by disobeying a judge's orders. I'm not a racist I just don't like lowlife scum that do nothing but commit crimes. I am for chemical castration to prevent these scumbags from further polluting the world with more trash. Hey lets take it one step further, if you have no job and commit crimes you go to a work camp and do something productive to help this country. It is what it is folks, some people cant handle the freedoms we have in America. Apparently it's too much for them to get a job(blah blah the economy sucks,whatever! I work at a dead end job just to eat) pay bills, stay out of trouble.

and followed by:

Why chemical? Just do it!

Then on welfare chiselers:

Letter from John Hughes: Is Freedom to Speak Question Administration Only for Liberals
Thank you Mr Hughes that is a wonderful Letter!

Nice to see all the FREE internet these libs got from ECOT and welfare... Obama Strickland and hand out this stuff for education...and the mommies and part time daddies who do not work sit on them all day while they ignore the kids and post vile stuff. Well, some on here do get money not only from welfare but from Foster Care scams they run... you know who you are. The new welfare of Foster Care is really big with the ACORN Canton crowd...they make extra to pay for their finger nail art and fake designer purses.

These 3 taken from Presential Address to Students Raises Concerns from Parents
buckeyefan2020 What part of the article didn't you read? Or didn't you understand? This group of hollywood rehab repeaters are pledging their allegiance to this man like he's a God? Uh NO! There lies the proof and the justification for the rebellion. This has NOTHING TO DO WITH STAY IN SCHOOL! And everything to do with worshipping the dictator!! Maybe if HE had read a real bible in his supposed Christian ( yea right NOT ) life he would have re-called the passage ' you shall have no other God before me' I hope he has a big supply of kool aid he's sure got enough thirsty mindless individuals to drink it!

John Sheppard: Another dumb democrat pulling the race card. Why is it sooo hard for you people to understand that MANY of us do not like his politics, policies, agenda or the people he surrounds himself with! I don't care what color he is..a socialist is a socialist. Thank god that COMMUNIST appointee of his, Mr. Van Jones resigned today!! Another America hating scumbag. Obama said in a speech he gave that if we want to know who he is just look at the people he surrounds himself with. Well guess what, I am looking. I am looking at communists, socialists, marxists and far left liberal wackos. That is why I do not support this president! That is why my child will not see his speech! Not because he is black! Get over it and face facts...your race card crap is old and tired. And for you to call anyone a fat anything is really a good one!

This has ALL the underpinnings of a liberal and socialistic agenda indoctrination of our children.

Jesus Christ would be banned from Stark County schools, let alone be permitted to address their children. Imagine if he sent bibles to the schools for distribution. Heck, imagine if a consortium made up of EVERY minister in Stark County tried to distribute bibles to students through the school superintendents. What do you think would happen?

Barack Obama is not only welcomed, he is embraced and his 'workbooks' distributed with enthusiasm and during the school day when they would normally be covering their school curriculum. These K-6th Grade 'workbooks' originally, until a few concerned conservative school officials discovered, contained questions and essays for these children to write to THEMSELVES on 'HOW I CAN HELP THE PRESIDENT' . Thank God, they had the courage to blow the cover on this subtle, yet obvious attempt to indoctrinate our children and turn this into what it was originally intended to be, a means to influence our children and slowly make inroads into their thoughts and opinions on a whole myriad of agenda items within the Rahm Emanuel White House.

If not, why wouldn't Rahm Emanuel have had Michelle Obama make this address? Traditionally, first ladies are not looked at with suspicions and as the titular heads of their political parties. And why would they even contemplate including 'workbooks' with questions such as 'HOW CAN I HELP THE PRESIDENT?' This is SHAMEFUL conduct and not anything ever before attempted by any other president, regardless of his poltical affiliation.

The administration has taken his bully pulpit to extremes never before attempted and I am not even arguing that. What I will argue and what I will absolutely draw the lines upon is allowing this Rahm Emanuel controlled White House, or any White House, attempt to indoctrinate my children from the intended purpose of their attendance at school.

We are thrilled that we don't have to share office space or a backyard with these knuckledraggers. We hope that all sane Cantonians of good will and any political stripe have arranged for an escape hatch from this loonie bin.

pleasebequiet, pt-king, charmingtail, MissOhio2Much, redgal, and TMelvill are proud Village Idiots of the Day, September 5, 2009. And remember, they're some of the same people who think we should be afraid to walk the streets of downtown Canton or ride a SARTA bus. Let's hope none of us run into pt-king and his little knife.

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hicktown gal said...

My God, I'm so depressed. The stupification of America has reached epidemic proportions. This is spreading faster than H1N1.