Sunday, May 1, 2011

NEWS FLASH! Late Breaking News on Just S tom and ocean!

This just in. I Hate Canton's undercover I Team has uncovered some startling information about Just s tom and ocean.

Intrigued by their comments regarding Arbor Day and trees, we sent our investigative crew out to learn more about these mysterious posters who have captured the imagination of Cantonians throughout the world. We did not expect the shocking results.

We need to warn you first, though. If you have children under the age of 18, please keep them away from your computer screen while you watch the video we took last night and early this morning deep in the heart of Canton darkness.

Remember you heard it here first at I Hate Canton, Stark County's top choice for news and information.

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hicktown gal said...

Who knew such evil lurks in the backwoods and city parks of Canton. While highly disturbing this ain't nothin' compared to what folks will do with a tree down here in Morrow County. My granny always said she just loved her a "hard wood". Me myself, I stay out of the woods and always keep my chainsaw tuned up.

mary said...

Hicktown gal, I would love your granny. My kind of granny. lol.

Like you, I always keep my chainsaw tuned up, but I still don't have the good sense to stay outta them thar woods.