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Village Idiot of the Day, June 1, 2009: BCheeks, Cal, lvmypets

Reppies were in a charitible mood yesterday, with few viral remarks posted. That will be remedied soon, no doubt.

As you know, I Hate Canton is loathe to get into the subject of abortion. We were pleased, though, that there were so many reasonable remarks regarding the Sunday murder of late term abortion provider, Dr. George Tiller in Wichita. Even our regulars who oppose abortion were not exactly gleeful, and few shilled for Bill O'Reilly. But then there is former Village Idiot Award winner BCheeks who can always be counted on to make a truly stupid comment. Who, for instance, can forget his/her May 20 award winning remark to commenter Margaret, regarding abortion:

See Margaret: Look how many people are glad to have the right to kill another human.

But this is old news. Yesterday BCheeks reached new heights of stupidity where few locals have gone before in Activist Calls Abortion Doctor Killing Overdue.

'Pro-choice offers no violence' Ya I heard they sing songs to the unborn while they're killing them, then they whistle happy tunes while they throw the remains in the trash. It's definitly not violent. It's death in a nonviolent way.

We would be remiss in not quoting two "pro-life" activists who appeared in the article Cheeky so astutely commented on:

As news of Roeder’s arrest traveled, Kansas City activist Regina Dinwiddie remembered the day a dozen years ago when Roeder hugged her in glee after trying to frighten an abortion provider by staring him down inside a Planned Parenthood clinic.

“He grabbed me and said, ‘I’ve read the Defensive Action Statement* and I love what you’re doing,’ ” Dinwiddie said in a telephone interview. She was a signer of the 1990s statement, which declares that the use of force is justified.

“I said, ‘You need to get out of here. You can get in a lot of trouble,’ ” Dinwiddie recalled.

Dinwiddie said she does not consider death of Tiller, the nation’s most prominent provider of controversial late-term abortions, to be a homicide.

“I don’t think he was murdered. I believe he was absolutely stopped in his tracks and it was long overdue,” Dinwiddie said. She declined to say when she last spoke with Roeder.

Dave Leach, a Des Moines antiabortion activist who also signed the statement, said Sunday night by telephone that he published some of Roeder’s writings in “Prayer & Action News,” which describes itself as “a trumpet call for the Armies of God to assemble.”

NOTE TO REGINA DUNWIDDIE: Get a copy of Black's Law Dictionary.

Before we announce our awards, we must visit two other sterling examples of intelligent Reppie thought.

Echoing Ms. Dimwit...I mean, Dinwidde's thoughts on divine retribution we have "Cal" gloating over the divine retribution possibilities in the fire that destroyed the barn, livestock, and bobblehead business of Stark County Commissioner Todd Bosley out in Marlboro Twn. Bosley's' sin: pushing through a .25% county sales tax.

$1.1 Million Dollar Fire Destroys Stark County Commissioner's Barn, Business

Look on the bright side Commissioner Bosley.

Thanks to your forcing the one half percent increase in the county sales tax on us, the insurance company paying to rebuild your 1.1 million dollar barn, will give Stark County an EXTRA $5,500.00 in sales tax revenue.

and later:

Like you said, a .005 % increase in sales tax is really nothing you will even notice.
Yes, what happened to compassion? Bosley has little compassion for those who opposed his tax increase (go to a tax hearing and witness how insulting he can be to people with a valid opinion other than his) and the negative effects it will have on many people losing the modest roofs over their heads in Stark County. What goes around comes around and when you are in politics and acting the way he acts then this is fair game.

Finally, lvmypets weights in on the search for a new SARTA boss:

According to the names, it seems like they all may be American citizens.

Noting that nothing can come close to BCheeks penetrating analysis of abortion procedures, we are forced to grant Mr/Ms Cheeks the First Place Village Idiot Award for June 1, 2009. While not quite virulent enough for a top prize, we are happy to give Cal and lvmpets Honorable Mentions. These two show much promise, and we look forward to further entries from them.

*The Defensive Action Statement appears on the Army of God website. Be prepared for gory pictures and demands for the deaths of abortion providers.

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