Sunday, June 14, 2009

One Trick Octo Makes Crazy Allegations; I Hate Canton Incites Public to Violence

Octopuppet is up to its old tricks again Not only has it racked up a week of unprecedented assaults against the Rep and its online readers, mainly through the Mammone murders and related stories, but it's accusing I Hate Canton of disrupting and "taking over the Canton rep." If so, we'd sure like a share of Rep revenue, and we'd love to have Charita Goshay and Tim Botos in our stable. Maybe Jeff Gauger could join us for an occasional guest blog on 'net civility.

Sunday morning, using the name "Sweet Kristin,"
Octopup accused I Hate Canton and respected long-time Rep commenters of "inciting hate and violence," making "violent threats" and carrying a vendetta against it--or somebody. The message is so disconnected and illiterate, it's hard to tell. I Hate Canton and associates are, according to it, a "vicious and dangerous group [that] should be looked at by local police."

I guess it told us!

I Hate Canton has made the big mistake in not archiving "Sweet Kristin's" past dollops to the Rep, though we did cite one the other day when she said she hoped the FBI would investigate Don Cirelli's "secret identity." One thing SweetK forgot: If Mr. Cirelli is posting under a "secret identity" then he is no different from dozens of other posters--including "Sweet Kristin"-- who post under "secret identities." If pseudonymously posting on a newspaper website is a federal crime, then, of course, it is most appropriate that the FBI investigate, if it already hasn't, "Sweet Kristin" and her entourage.

"Sweet Kristin" makes the odd claim that Cirelli's mother, former Ohio State Rep and current City Council member Mary Cirelli "controls" and "runs" I Hate Canton and is "slinging mud" at the Rep because she is jealous of do-nothing mayor Healy. As far as we know there is nothing to be jealous of Healy about, and Mrs. Cirelli gets along fine with the Rep. She also doesn't post on the Rep, so what she is really guilty of only her hairdresser knows for sure. Perhaps the FBI, when it is investigating Don Cirelli's "secret identity," can clear up the matter and take appropriate measures if mud is found on Mrs. Cirelli's Forzieris.

All this huffinpuff
is rich, coming from a pseudonymous entity who posts under about 60 (known) names, and has accused commenters, public officials, and political candidates by name of theft in office, drug dealing, pedophilia, and lately inciting violence.

It is rich coming from a pseudonymous entity that has cruelly demeaned and degraded Mary Parker's dead child and used the murder of the Mammone
children to fuel its little hate machine.

It is rich coming from a pseudonymous entity that has spread vicious gossip online about
Rep reporter Gary Brown and an infrequent poster.

It is rich coming from a pseudonymous entity that has accused I Hate Canton of "terrorism" and "slander," and threatened to call the police on us.

It appears that our earlier suggestion that Octopuppet
acquire a copy of Blacks' Law Dictionary to hone its legal knowledge has gone unheeded. It can't say we didn't warn it , then, when the cops, prosecutors and litigators boot its bottom out their office doors when they stop laughing long enough to pick themselves off the floor.

By the way, can anyone explain to us how an anonymous person can be "slandered." If the PV boot fits? But then that boot can dig up all sorts of unpleasant worms.

Below is "Sweet Kristin's" morning missive (typos and satirical impairment in tact). It appeared under Charita Goshay: Even with a Million Words It Can Be Hard to Communicate, Time to Stop Saying We'll Do Something about Crime, then Turning Other Cheek and reportedly another article whose name we don't know. The Repository staff has rightly removed them all.

Sweet Kristin

Part of the problem with our City government is the vicious group of haters that have taken over the Canton rep, online posting. This web site was meant to be a place for concerned citizens to voice their opinion on issues reported. It has been disrupted by the I Hate Canton Group. This vicious and dangerous group should be looked at by local police. It is not just a blog but a blog that incites hate and violence. This site is controlled by mostly people who live outside the city who are led by one local politican and her son and his cohorts. They will go so far as to stage phony posts to get attention.

Recently a women who ran for council at large posted a violent comment recommending a 'blanket party be held' to beat up someone they have been brainwashed to believe make a comment that they did not.

Cindy Vignos posted the following comment on I Hate Canton. ' Cynthia Vignos said...
I don't want to condone violence or illegal activity, but one has to admit that this seems appropriate:

Blanket Party = usually a reaction to a long-term annoyance brought about by one person, a blanket party is where an unsuspecting person is taken by surprise when a blanket is thrown over them and they are wrestled to the ground, then beaten with blunt objects by other members of the group.
...although it would be a shame to ruin a perfectly good blanket on the likes of her. June 12, 2009 8:54 AM'. Can one only imagine has she won the election what she would have done with her power. Thank goodness the voters of Canton did not elect her.

There are ring leaders on the site that the Canton Rep continues to allow to post. Don Cirelli has been disgruntled and will do anything to bring down the Mayor. Why--person vendetta because the voters chose the Mayor over his Mom for the State House. The Repository has allowed it;S online comments to harrass and threaten posters. I hold them directly repsonsible if anyone is a victim of harm due to there web site. This Mary Parker/.Don Cirell group must be stopped. I believe either one of these people would stop at nothing short of violence to get there own way The Repository needs to take alook at these people. They could care less about the people of Canton. There goal is hate and violence. How can this be allowed? I was taught years ago that if someones threatens a person take it that they mean it. The recents murders in Canton proves that to be true,

A very concerned Citizen of Canton


Truth be told, we are bored with Octopup's
antics. They were tiresome in high school and they are tiresome now. So many real Canton characters and stories are much more fun.

We know some will disagree with us, but I Hate Canton believes that editor Gauger really wants to fix this mess. There is absolutely nothing in it for the Rep to keep this thing going. We look forward to the new comment system that may be coming and not soon enough. We also commiserate with Gauger and his drafted net nannies who are charged with dismantling the stink bombs Octo lobs at us all nearly every day. It's a dirty job trying to eradicate this vermin from the Internet, or at least the Repository's part of it.

I Hate Canton is not sure that ignoring Octo works, since if ignored, it just invents some more entities and sucks people into its sinkhole. Everybody, no matter what your politics are, when you spot an octopuppet making a really offensive ad hominem attack on a commenter, even if you don't like that commenter or what they say, flag it. Send a copy to Jeff Gauger and complain. Take back the marketplace of ideas offered by the Rep and return to lively, but civil discussion.


hicktown gal said...

Well, sheeeeeoooot! Sounds like you folks in Canton have got that Octopooper madder than a greased pig at the county fair. My daddy got that mad at the little "town turd" Nathan Jessep when he caught little Nathan stealin' eggs from our hen house. Daddy was so mad that he dragged the offendin' turd clear over to Sheriff Twitches place. Twitch decided that Nathan would have to help Miss Lollie Fecker in her General Store for the rest of that summer. Now this punishment was supposed to keep Nathan out of trouble, but it surely didn't. Nathan done stealed some itchin powder from the store and somehow managed to sprinkle it in Miss Rachael Lipschitz's underwear drawer. Miss Rachael is a real friendly woman accordin' to my daddy, but my best friend Ella told me that Miss Rachael is the town whore. Well, you can just imagine all the ruckus comin' from Rodney Lee Boger's car last Saturday night after he and Miss Rachael started gettin' friendly. There was a whole lot of screamin', and scratchin' goin' on. Seein' as how Rodney is our town bully I didn't feel none too sorry for him, but I did feel sorry for poor Miss Rachael. Her lips was swollen for a week. Don't know how she got that stuff on her mouth. Lordy, I do go on don't I? Anyhoo, I think that there blanket party sounds real fun. Daddy says when I git to my next birthday, I can invite all my friends over and we can spend the night on our blankets talkin' and roastin' marshmallows. Grandpa Wade stopped over Sunday mornin' and I told him all about that scarey Octowhosit and what it was threatnin' to do. Grandpa is a very smart man and he used to be a teacher over in the next county. He told me that when he was a teacher, there was always some girl who would try to stir up trouble to git attention from her classmates. He advised the children in his class to pretend this girl was like a bad canker sore that would eventually just dry up and go away. Y'all try to hang in there and remember what Grandpa Wade says. He's real smart.

Cynthia Vignos said...

Since my previous comment sarcastically contained the definition of the term "blanket party" it is apparently necessary to post the definition of another term:

Satire = the use of irony, exaggeration or ridicule to expose and criticize other peoples' stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

Oh, how I long for the good old days...

April 20, 2009
Good job Cindy. You sounded the most intelligent of any of them. I will vote for you.

Anonymous said...

A friend one day and a vicious blood enemy the next. That's "cantonvoter" for you, Cindy. But don't lose any sleep over it. She's that way with everybody, it seems. Perhaps even with Hizzoner Healy.

megabogie said...

I don't have a problem with anonymous postings, let's face it the only place I'm called megabogie is on the golf course. But I've been duped by a multiple-poster and it really got my goat. I bought a book that was highly recommended by readers on Amazon recently and it was just terrible. I trudged through it, waiting for it to get better which it never did. When I returned to the sight to voice my disappointment, I discovered through the detective work of my fellow dupees that all the good reviews came from the author himself. He even went so far as to have commentary conversations with himself using all these multiple personalities. If the book had been decent, I would say it was a clever gimmick. But the book was awful and I felt scammed. His back and forth banter with himself was more entertaining than his novel. If anyone is interested, the author was R. Douglas Weber and the book was called Solomon's Key. The postings are still on Amazon's site, despite the complaints from readers. And I do use my real name in my review of his book!