Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gobbedlygook: What Did Cindy Vignos Do to Deserve This?

I Hate Canton mostly disagrees with former city council candidate Cindy Vignos on this specific subject, but what's with the nonsensical reply from "Tina S" at the bottom of this? And where does Mary Cirelli fit into all this gobbedlygook?

We'll soon need a secret decoder ring to read Comments.

Stark County Having Trouble Paying Bills.

Cynthia Vignos
Veterans are being evicted from their homes, but we continue to run up bills at the jail? Maybe the inmates can do some work (manual labor, community service, etc.) and earn their hot water and meals like the rest of us do.

Cynthia Vignos
vstar - Big deal...those tasks are the same as the chores that I perform in my own home, along with working my full-time job. The difference is that I have to pay my mortgage and utility bills in order to live at my house because the taxpayers aren't picking up the tab.

Cynthia Vignos
vstar - gardening and car maintenance are considered by many people to be recreational activities. I'm talking about inmates doing real WORK...something that makes them uncomfortable enough to think twice before they steal copper plumbing for beer money. They're worried about getting about no dinner at all until one puts in a good day's labor?

They can start by dismantling some of the hundreds (thousands?) of buildings slated for demolition in our community. I'll donate the crow bars and sledge hammers. Here...sign this waiver, and make sure you don't step on any rusty nails. Some of these old properties have nice vintage woodwork and fixtures, and architectural salvage could be a money-maker. An empty lot can't be turned into a crack house, but it can be made into a community garden or play area.

I've never been to the jail, but I have a feeling that the laundry is being handled by some heavy-duty washing machines - which use lots of electricity and cost a pretty penny. A few wringer washers and clotheslines would cut those expenses, and keep everyone busy. Are we paying to use and maintain commerical dishwashers? Forget's a sponge (don't forget to roll up your sleeves so they don't get wet). Can all or part of the gas heating system be converted to wood-burning? Chopping and splitting firewood is a great way to kill time and keep in shape - and the cinders could be used on our roads in snowy weather. Are there any ditches in need of digging? Our Irish ancestors created an entire canal system with picks and shovels, and they were glad to have the job.

Equipment and machines cost money to purchase, operate and maintain. Why should the county government continue to make expenditures like that, when many jobs can be performed by people who could be working off their debt to society instead of sitting around playing cards? Manpower + good ole' fashioned elbow grease is a lot more economical.

Cinthya- there's my moronic girl! Long time no see. Thank God the citizens of Canton knew better then to hire your sad sad concept theories. Are you serious? Wow if anything I hate canton should write about is your miss construeded attempt to use elementary concepts, but does Mary C call those shots too?
What's funny is that OSU is working with the county to grow food. Hmmmm. It appears that you live in an ivory tower too with your DennisO whom by the way has a shadow denniso. I beleive in fair but only those that are not...octo's I'm sorry for the plug but when I'm sited somewere I have to say something... Point, stop posting your garbage of realization of solvers they are pathetic.

By 9:45 AM, the crazy comment was removed by the Rep.


Cynthia Vignos said...

Here I am...and here's my real name!

What did I DO? I took a short break from city politics and community involvement (to take care of my family), then came back to express my opinion on an issue about which I feel strongly. Clearly, some CantonRep posters (TinaS, genie79, et al.) have noticed my absence and have been saving up their unprovoked personal attacks in anticipation.

Hmmm...Ohio State agriculture...who could that be??? I would expect a bit more integrity from one who claims to be an ordained minster. Perhaps a certain council candidate should focus their malevolence on their opponent(s), or consider the possibility that some of my ideas actually have merit.

mary v parker said...

Most prisoners would prefer to be kept busy, rather than lay on a damn hard bunk all day. Keeping busy keeps the mind alert, keeps you from gaining 20lbs. during your incarceration, and most of all, it makes the time pass quicker.

However, you have to realize that the more you have prisoners doing, the more guards you will need to guard them when they're being 'kept busy'. THIS is the reason that those in charge, like the Sheriff, opt for the conveniences such as washers and dryers. Trust me, it's not to make things convenient for the inmates. You can't have prisoners running all over the place. That's also why they choose a chosen few to become orderlies, or trustees. They take fewer guards to keep an eye on them. They usually won't run. I say "usually", because I have seen trustees escape when they only had 2 more days to do. That's stupid. But of course, we do stupid things. That's how we get locked up in the first place.

Denise O said...

Why have I been dragged into Tina S's (aka, M) little diatribe? What a sad, sad little man to get his kicks in this way.

mary v parker said...

Tell them about it Cynthia. (Your real name. (Love it)

Your short absenteeism didn't go unnoticed. Good for you. One thing about the piranhas on this blog or in the Rep, you can be gone for a year, even for a very serious reason, and they'll be waiting by the door to attack and apply their venom as soon as you turn the knob. They have no shame. Shame on them.

Hope all is well with the family.

BD said...

Boy, this is a great way to get elected!