Monday, June 1, 2009

The Banality of Evil

CORRECTION: We inadvertently posted the wrong article and link. It is now corrected.

This morning the following comments appeared under Ask Amy: Is Hanging Out at a Grave Site Offensive? They were posted by "Darrell Parker." the name of Mary Parker's deceased child. The remarks have been removed.

It is impossible to even comment on this perversion.

Darrell Parker
Mon, June 01, 2009 - 09:20am
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I think it's very offensive to eat chicken and drink beer at the gravesite. What's wrong with flowers or even a small card? I think that littering the grave site with bones and empty OE800 cans is terrible. We deserve better.

Darrell Parker
3 minutes ago
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P.S. It sure is hot down here.

Michele de Montaigne, Of Custom and That We Should Not Easily Change a Law Received. 1575: Wickedness sucks in the greater part of its own venom, and poisons itself therewith.


hicktown gal said...

Oh lord, that was difficult! I am not too talented in the ways of the computer and I had to register to say somethin' here. Some real nice people invited me to do my conversin' here on account of that mean editor, Mr. Jeff Gauger won't let me do no more talkin' on his fancy newspaper website. I thought I was bein' real nice. My best friend Fawn, (she was named after a dead deer that kept her family fed for a winter)says maybe Mr. Gauger has done sucked on one too many sour pickles. Could be! Anyhoo, what I been ponderin' all day is how some of the nastiest things I have ever read can be allowed to stay on that paper's website for days. For example that femdumb,turdfishavenger and stonedgirl is the downright looniest and nastiest woman I hope I never have the misfortune of meetin'. She just might be crazier than that ol' Miss Shirley Crabs. I showed daddy some of what she wrote and he took to wondering what kinda parasite is lodged in her anal cavity. I don't rightly know, but I aim to find out.

hicktown gal said...

Just one more thing I was turnin' over in my brain. I did not know that bananas was evil. That is what the title says, but I do believe somebody better do some checkin' on how to spell bannnana. Maybe that is what this Suprapurty ratprincess has been eatin'. Sure would explain why she seems to have been touched by the devil.

mary v parker said...

I know there are evil people in this world. I've been here for 67 years, and I have heard some of everything. I can't say "I've heard it all", because I haven't. Every now and then, I slip into complacency, and have to be jolted back to reality. Sometimes if goes beyond 'reality' and it takes me all the way to the axis of evil.

Today, June 1st, was a day like that. I awoke to a story about visiting grave sites of loved ones. Something I've done all my life. Going to the cemetery in our family was a Sunday ritual. That was the highlight of our weeks. My mother didn't believe in going to the cemetery only on Memorial day. She had buried 3 of her children before she died, and she was a meticulous grave keeper-upper. We had lots of fun on those Sundays, playing and romping up and down the hills. We had to be respectful of the graves and the head stones. If we ran across any litter, we were taught to pick it up.

I kind of carried on that Sunday tradition after my Mom died, and I had to bury two of my children. When I saw that article on visiting graves in the Repository this morning, I thought I would share my outings and visits to the burial sites of my love ones, and the 'rituals' that we adhered to such as celebrating my son's birthday right there by his grave. ( We know he is not there, but is is where his body was placed in the ground, so it's still very meaningful to us.) I had no idea that I would invoke the evil comments, about my dead son from one of the resident evil dwellers.

She, even had the gall to imply my poor innocent child was in hell: "It sure is hot down here." Well, Octopuppet or what ever name you use today, I hate to be the one to tell you, but if there is a hell, and I'm not entirely convinced that there is, you will see it, and feel the warmth of hell, way before Darryl will. I don't wish that on you, but wanted to remind you that hell is reserved for people who do and SAY the work of Satan.

Anonymous said...

Un-named Canton people who take it "inthebutto" are sore and irritable all the time. Hence all the hate and nastiness on their part. Give it a rest with Bubba, you'll feel better. And you won't feel compelled to write obnoxious comments about other peoples' kids in cantonrep.