Friday, June 19, 2009

Two Attacks on College Grads: Coincidence?

It's seldom, even for Reppies, to beat up on college grads. Just the opposite. We are incessantly lectured on the importance of achieving higher ed.

I Hate Canton finds it strange then, that in the last couple days we have two broadsides lobbed by separate pseudnamous posters at the college educated blaming them for everything that is supposedly bad about the US.

Are JohnH and Zacharyt the same person? Or two of many? We don't know for sure, but compare the sentiment.

Survey: Most College Students Plan to Leave Ohio
Let's see..... Lawyer - college education; Banker - college education; politician - most are lawyers, so again, college education; Wall Street - college education; the so called 'shakers and doers of our society - yep, college education; And look what they have done for us, destroyed this country and it's economy. So tell me again about the great college graduates and how important they are to our society. I have often wondered when it was this country started it's downward spiral. Now I realize, it started when people started getting those college educations and being told repeatedly how much more they were worth (than what they really are) and how much smarter they are (which they really are not). Now, crucify me because I am just a plain old dumb American who works for a living, lives the old fashioned way and am at the mercy of those most precious college grads who decide how this country and world runs. God help us all.


MRDD to Lay Off 31, Not Fill 6 Jobs
Slap,Slap,now all the sad stories will be about the adults headed for the unemployment line. And you wont hear no sad stories of their plight .No scare tactics to keep them employed . There is no shame in this world . This is what the college educated excell at extracting cash ,and walking away smelling like a rose.


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