Friday, May 15, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, May 14, 2009: Bummy, ProChoice Liberal

Things have been fairly quiet the last couple days. Octopuppet seems to be on temporary (forced?) leave, but as we learned in school, nature abhors a vacuum. Nature, or shall we say, "Bummy," quickly filled that vacuum with his/her succinct yet brilliant expose of political moderates:
It's about time the GOP is awakened. Get rid of ALL Dems. hiding in sheep's clothing. A moderate is a fancy word for 'Traitor'.

We, therefore, award "Bummy" the Daily Village Idiot Award, May 13, 2009

I Hate Canton, however, cannot let the awards ceremony go by without giving honorable mention to "Pro Choice Liberal" for canceling the 2nd Amendment. For years we have attempted to avert our eyes from ProChoice Liberal's pulchritudal missives. Ms. Liberal regularly inhales the films of Michael Moore and exhales them in mind-numbing mantras such as "Our bodies, our rights." Lately, she's moved into gun control, or rather gun confiscation:

Ideas that Boccieri Should Take Back to DC Include Opposing Universal Healthcare, Cap-and- Trade Plan
Gun ownership is not a right, it's a privelege & can be taken away if you're a felon, mentally unstable, etc. Back to topic, everyone needs health care. How can anyone be against helping other people w/their medical bills? One illness & you can be bankrupt!

On a side note, we congratulate Octopuppet's doppelganger, Old Fat Dumpy, for his send-up of the Mistress of Mean:

Old Fat Dumpy
Amish Teen Ticketed for Having Beer in His Buggy
I dated lots of Amish guys back in my day. I would leave a candle burning in the window when Mom and Dad were out on the town, and they would come calling with Amish wine and a big trail bologna.

Dumpy is the funniest thing to hit the Rep in years. Turnabout is fair play.


John E said...

ProChoice Liberal has been a thorn in my side for a long time and I am glad to see she had been awarded a fitting prize. Perhaps if she were to think across her imaginary lines she wouldn't be so obnoxious. Nah!

John E said...

And let's hear if for ProChoice once again. This woman will make me reply only to bother her. Today it is men who are not allowed to have an opinion on Roe v. Wade. Kinda funny since the majority of the justices who said abortion is a right to privacy issue were men.

I can't help myself.

BD said...

ProChoice Liberal has gotten on my last nerve for years. One can be pro choice and liberal and not be her.