Friday, May 29, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, May 28, 2009: Big Al Carter

I Hate Canton is still out of town visiting one of America's more-dangerous-than-the-Green Zone-sinkholes that dsteelman1 warned us about the other day. No one has lobbed a bomb or taken a potshot at us yet, but we'll be here for another 7 hours so there's still time.

Being here on business, we haven't had a lot of time to peruse the Repository, but this article caught our eye: Portage County Dispatcher Kills Daughter, Self , the tragic account of Melisa Hall, 29, a dispatcher for the Garrettsville-Freedom-Nelson Fire Department who killed her 2-year old daughter, Naysa, and then herself.

Now, any sane person feels only sadness about this case. Not so, with Octopuppet entity Big Al Carter, of course. "Big Al" (does the real Big Al Carter now is name is being taken in vain?) finds the murder of a toddler and suicide of her mother a great opportunity to attack Mary Parker (who she codes as MRDD due to Mary's involvement with it) and blame I Hate Canton for the deaths. We know! We know!

If Octo thinks this will garner support for it from anyone, even multiple awarded Village Idiots (real people, not the people who live inside its head), it's more gone than we thought.

Although I don't see how the two could be connected, but do any of you think the passage of the MRDD levy had anything to do with this tragic situation. Or is it possible that this lady was a big fan of Canton and when she found out about the new hate filled Canton websites springing up on the internet, maybe she just went over the edge? Sad situation here and even sadder if either of these two scenarios possibly contributed in any way to the tradegy.

We really hate to give official recognition to OP and its friends, but...for stupidity, vileness, and sheer, insensitivity (we hate that word, but in this case it fits) beyond the call of duty, we hereby grant Octopuppet personality Big Al Carter the May 28 Village Idiot of the Day Award.

And no, it has no shame!

Update: Comments on the article were disabled this morning. We don't know when, but I check around 11:45 and they were gone. We figured that would happen. How many comments has our resident disturbo shut down?


mary v parker said...

No, 'IT' certainly does not have any shame. As much as I want to hate 'IT', I still have to pity 'IT'. It must be really sad to not have a friend, no one you can call in the morning and just chat with over coffee, talk about what you're going to do during the day, make a few comments about the comments, laugh at something you heard about the day before, make plans with for the weekend, share a "OH, NO!" with.

When all you have to do in life is sit around and compose nasty comments and new names to go with them, make fun of people who don't deserve it, use a story as sad as the one about a Mother committing suicide and killing her child, to take yet another jab at the MRDD levy, because you THINK it will hurt a commentor that you detest, wow, that has to be an awfully miserable existence. I can't call it a life. That's not living, that's dying, dying a slow, painful, lonely death.

My condolences to 'IT'S' family.

Shirley Inthebutto said...

Yet more proof that Octopuppet is the scum of the earth. But we already knew that, didn't we?

surely u jestolieto said...

Well said, Mary. Octopuppet is too pitiful to hate. But we should thank her for giving us something to laugh at - laughter is good for the soul!

BD said...

Even I was surprised that the audaciousness of our OP today. This is a new low, even for a sewer rat.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again,"Get some professional help, Campy." What kind of sick mind enjoys trying to ruin other people's lives? PATHETIC!!

surely u jestolieto said...

It looks like Octopuppet's days are numbered. Jeff Gauger is looking at a new registration system for the Rep. He said this will take some time to implement, so expect a lot of OC temper tantrums between now and then. Her little world is slowly crumbling. And I am smiling!

Shirley Inthebutto said...

Here's my pick for the "Chutzpah Of The Year Award" for 2009. This little gem from Fat Ass:

1 day ago
And some people with no achievement at all just use it as a way to just to make themselves feel relevant."

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! This big 200-pound pile of nothing is so starved for attention and notoriety she would wither up and die if she wasn't stirring up crap with somebody. She has no life, no friends, no ambition, no achievements, nothing to live for. Only her crappy little snips in cantonrep.

The new registration system in cantonrep can't come fast enough for me. I hope they do put it in place and enforce it. Then maybe we'll all get lucky. Maybe Fat Ass will finally move to Florida and spend the rest of her miserable life making her son's life a living hell instead of fouling cantonrep with her filthy mouth.

surely u jestolieto said...

Sewer rat? BD, don't you mean hood rat? That's one of Octopuppet's favorite terms.

Surely Pigolito said...

Octopuppet, I don't know you and I don't want to know you. You are a thing that does nothing but lie and discredit a persons good name. You spew your visiousness on people that tried to be your friend. What goes around comes around, yours is coming! I will sit back and enjoy it.