Sunday, May 10, 2009

Which Way Did Dey Go! Which Way Did They Go? What Happened to the Rep's Crime & Court Comments?

Hey, what happened to Comments?

All Rep comments for Saturday's "Courts & Crime" have been disabled. Comments can still be made on most earlier posts in that section.

I Hate Canton understands to a degree. Some of the most odious posts show up under this subject. Crime, after all, is an excellent launch pad for our local racists, know nothings and blame-the- victimers to display their numerous social and cultural dysfunctions. Here, for example, is a response to last month's story, Man Charged for Threats, Stalking Estranged Wife, about a Marine major from California arrested in North Canton for menacing by stalking, telephone harassment and violation of a court order. He was later indicted by the Stark County Grand Jury on charges of attempted aggravated murder, violating a protection order, menacing by stalking and possessing criminal tools.

Just4kicks, you are disrespectful!!! Apparently you have never served your country in any capacity. Those soldiers are all out there putting their lives on the line and the only thing that keeps them from going insane is the thought of coming home to their family. All to often when the soldier gets home the wife is gone with the kids. You say 'I don't feel sorry for him. He chose his lifestyle and all its pressures.' Guess what!!?? SO DID SHE!!!! SHE MARRIED A SOLDIER!!!!

We also noticed a couple days ago that comments on one of the MMRD articles were disappeared. It's no wonder, though, with comments like this from "the real BAC," whose mother apparently never taught him/her/it that's it's not nice to make fun of the mentally and physically disabled:

Observers Try to Figure Out Why Voters Overwhelmingly Approved MMRD
The real BAC
Scoreboard Retards 1
Taxpayers 0

Truth be told, if I Hate Canton were Rep editor Jeff Gauger, I'd be pretty disturbed that so many locals in my adopted city and environs were not only stupid (or insane) , but sought to immortalize their stupidly (or insanity) on the pages of my newspaper. I'd want to deep six the whole thing, too.

But the question still remains, why disable Courts & Crime and let the accusations of anonymous ax-grinding posters of criminal activities against long-time respected commenters stand?

I Hate Canton prefers a thousand stupid (or insane) comments over one Repository-facilitated malicious accusation.

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