Thursday, May 14, 2009

Racism Returns

I Hate Canton should probably save this for the Daily Village Idiot, but sometimes something so "good" comes along it can't be ignored until tomorrow. Take "Legion" (please!) commenting about an hour ago on
It's Official: Stokes-Davis is McKinley High School's First Black Female Principal

Some of our nom-de-plumes have been complaining that the notation of Ms. Stokes-Davis's race in the headline is irrelevant.

"Legion," writing with his or her left hand, explains why race is relevant to the story:

It is revelent to point out the fact that she is black because there are so few within the black race that actually work hard enough to rise above the rest and make something of themselves - as so clearly demonstrated here. Hopefully the majority of blacks will take this opprotunity to reflect upon her fine example. Congratulations, Ms. Stokes.

We are so glad that's been cleared up.

Now what about the pool rules? And we don't mean mean locking the fence either.

UPDATE: Sometime between 1:42 and 3:56 this afternoon the "Legion" comment was removed, as were four other who comments made by posters who took "Legion" to task. These posters specifically referenced the offending comment in their own comments and criticized the Rep for permitting them and in no way were racist. Interestingly, the Rep visited IHC at 3:25. We are happy that "Legion" was removed, but fail to understand the need to remove the other four. At least the thread wasn't locked down.

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