Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day: May 26, 2009: dsteelman1 and Nathan Jessep

A soon as we saw this letter, we knew there'd be trouble. Sure 'nuf! Though Letters: Deaths of Civililans are an Unfortunate Part of War hasn't gathered the troops yet, there's enough here to make it into yesterday's winner's circle. There may be other worthy candidates, but I Hate Canton is booked up today so we are making an early morning summary judgment.

Unfortunately, it's another neck n neck between an octopup personality and a real live person. Our resident octopuppet military expert (Col) Nathan Jessep late of A Few Good Men:

Nathan Jessep
I'm all for dropping the bomb on some of these backward countries. Sure there would some negative views from the rest of the world, but who cares. Pull our boys out, let things simmer slowly to a boil then lay the egg. Those people have hated us from day one. Nothing but jealousy. Wouldn't you be? Having to live in huts that the homeless population in the US wouldn't be seen in, living under such oppression.. Drop the bomb. One on Iraq and one in Afghanastan. Bulid a few more bombs for any other country who's name ends with a -stan. Hey, when the japs attacked us in 45, we did it right. It didn't take much to settle those folks down. And look at them now, a thriving success in the world economic stage. Where do you think all of the Plasma TV's and PlayStations come from - Pakistan? We brought them out of the dark ages when we gave them some good old American whoop-**s. Let's help these creeps advance their culture a bit by giving them a restart.

and real person (as far as we know) dsteelman1, who finds the streets of "the large population centers of America" (does that include Canton?) as dangerous as Bahgdad's Green Zone. Since I Hate Canton is heading out today for one of those "large population centers" we'll let him know when we return. If we return. Not only does Mr. Steelman want the US to police the rest of the world of "scum" he wants the government to start experimenting on domestic scum to get it right for the annihilation of the rest of the world's scum (definition to be determined).

BDA , in our 'urban warfare lands ' here in America , the touchy feely , win their hearts and minds has been tried for the past 40 years .

I dont think the large population centers of America are any safer than Iraq. Maybe people dont bomb things but drive bys and thuggery are much larger here I believe.

So after 40 years of being all touchy feely , oh you poor poor criminal, Im sorry your mom was a ho and your dads in prison, we'll give you probation and free this and that if you promise to mend your ways. We are where we are now, most cities in America are uninhabitable IMHO due to crime .

Maybe we could try the shock and awe on the scum of America first see if it works , then export it to the rest of the dump , crime infested parts of the world.

It's a tough choice.

We tended first to grant a joint Grand Prize, but on second thought....Octopuppet's sole purpose is to provoke, bring attention to itself, and destroy discussion threads. dssteelman1 is stating his allegedly real opinion or a reasonable facsimile.

So, we are happy to award dsteelman1 the May 26, 2009 Villiage Idiot Grand Prize for heroic eugenics through imperialism.

Nathan Jessep gets an Honorable Mention only because it's an entity.

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Anonymous said...

You can always tell who the "tough guys" are. They're the fifty-something, fat, bald armchair warriors who kick ass and take names from the comfort of their living room Barcoloungers.

Thanks for protecting us from the "scum" of Canton, dsteelman and Nathan Jessup. You guys give those keyboards a real workout kicking all that ass.