Monday, May 11, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, May 10, 2009: Ottertk1, Bummy, dsteelman1, Frank Manello, Italian by Injection

This one is easy! For the following suggestions to the US government on how to curtail illegal border crossings from Mexico to the US: Ottertk1 takes First, desteelman1 Second and Bummy and Frank Manello bring up the rear for Honorable Mention. And a special Gold Star to one of Octopuppet's new entities "Italian by Injection." (Do we really want to think about that?)

Virtual Fence Planned Along US-Mexico Border
Two 15 foot fences spaced 50 feet apart with land mines placed inbetween the fences should do it. Micophones could be placed along the fences so the border guards could hear the explosions and go and replace the mines that were detonated. Signs in Spanish can be erected facing Mexico stating that anyone seen climbing the fence will be shot on sight. All this so Americans won't be blamed for supplying the Mexican drug cartel with fully automatic weapons. Something every American knows is nothing but hog-wash. That's right, the elected officials in Washington are LIEING to us.


NO! I can not believe ANYONE would suggest that 'H' & his ILK would lie to we tax paying Americans!!! :)
Now, about that fence. If we will not enforce the borders now, why would we enforce them after the fence is up? If there is ANYONE out there that can REALLY understand all this crap that 'H' & his ILK say, PLEASE let the rest of us know. Thank you.


Maybe we could add some motion sensor activated machine guns too Otter :)

But then again both parties WANT the illegals here. The repubs for cheap labor and the dems for voters , so were basically screwed

Frank Manello
Good ideas Otter and dsteel. You took the words right out of my mouth.

Italian by Injection
You may not be prejudice against Mexicans theame19 but I am not afraid to say I am. I just dont like them la cucarachas taking our jobs and bringing up all that dirt and diseases with them. No Taco Bell for me, no La Bamba. Sorry no more room for hispanics in this country. Americans only.

NOTE: It's not even 10 AM and the idiocy on this thread is growing by the minute. At this rate, we will have a wall of village idiots by tonight.

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