Sunday, May 17, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, May 16, 2009: Jfenno,

Leave it to one of our resident wingnuts to link "radical extremist Islam" to stupid condo rules.

According to Condo board tells couple to remove flag honoring son in Army, the Central Commons Condominium Association in Perry Heights has ordered Marlene and Richard Gano to remove their Blue Star Flag from the window of their condo. The couple refuses. The Ganos claim they are breaking no rules since they are barred only from displaying anything on the outside of their condo. Inside doesn't count no matter how aggreived their neighbor Judy Clark, who filed the complaint, begs to differ.

Of course, anyone who has ever been subjected to the tinpot dictatorial powers of a home owners association knows there has to be more to it than this. And there is. Clark, we are informed rather rudely by "truck 655" is, in fact, the acting president of the condo association, a position that Richard Gano held before resigning for reasons unknown to us.

Thankfully, JFenno, knows what's really going on out in Perry and has been courageous enough to inform us:

According to the condo associations declaration filed with the Stark County Recorder, one rule says residents are not to hang or display anything outside of the units windows without the boards consent. The flag is on the inside of Ganos window.'

Case closed.

The display stays.
It sounds like this condo association may be infected with radical islamic extremists' views or perhaps they just have no appreciation for the sacrifices our military and their families are being asked to make.

So, for warning us of the clear and present danger of Islamo-Fascism in the cloak of the Central Commons Condominium Association (above) we are proud to award the May 16, 2009 Village Idiot of the Day award to JFenno.

We also give IHC's coveted Gladys Kravitz Award for nosiness above and beyond the call of condo association duty to Judy Clark. May you continue to dictate well!


mary said...

Unfortunately, Old fat and dumpy, is exactly right. The comment section does seem to be the place for lies, and slander.

In defense of the Rep, which I seldom do, I can easily see how this 'sneaky Pete' thing occured in the Letters to the Ed. Years ago, you did have to show ID. They dropped that rule, then the electronic age came into being, and you could send your letter via the internet, and there is no way, other than coming to your home to check you out, that the Rep can monitor and assure readers that the writer is who they say they are. Anyone can say, "Yep, that's me." Maybe they could do what the commenter did, check the name against tax records, or look in the phone book. However, what about the renters, or those who have unpublished numbers?

I do think the Rep could do a better job of keeping a person from having 30 names on the comments.

Who is the "bunch" that the lady speaks of in her comments. It wouldn't be the 'lunch bunch' would it? She really has a thing for us. She was invited, came, made everyone uncomfortable with her treatment of our lone, (at that time) Republican guest. We weren't going to stand for that. We want EVERYONE to feel welcome and at ease when they attend a lunch bunch.

I'm having a senior moment, and have to go back to the comments on the blog, and regroup so I can remember what else I wanted to say. lol

Anonymous said...

Maybe JFenno got the idea that there was an Al Queda sleeper cell in the Gano's condo association by peeping in their windows. He might have seen Mrs. Clark emerge from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her head. Certainly, that would lead certain people to assume that Mrs. Clark was a Muslim terrorist.

John E said...

Thanks for the Gladys Kravitz Award. I have a sick headache now and will ponder this later.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that a man has devoted that many years to the service of his country only to be rewarded with his parents being treated so shabbily.

The nosey neighbor should be water boarded.

mary v parker said...

Who wil be the Village Idiot tommorow? Tune in to see. Hope it won't be me.

BD said...

Unless you develop an unnatural desire towards our sexy Mayor Healy and wax poetic of him in the pages of the Rep, I don't think there is any danger of you becoming a Village Idiot, Ms. Parker.