Sunday, May 24, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, May 23, 2009: meridithb48, demsndoes, snoozie, Julie S, mary, and Tom Dewey (an Octopuppet Collective)

Octopuppet spewed a viral orgasm yesterday over on Rite-Aid's Closing is a Blow-to Canton Neighborhood, a piece on the company's decision to close its E. Tusc store, the site of the original Schuman's Drugs. The closing leaves the 4th Ward not only drugstoreless but virtually storeless. The article includes many statements from local residents, some of them elderly residents at Girard Gardens, without transportation, and stranded. Being Canton, this in itself is not seen as problem. Take some initiative folks. Get a job. Buy a car. Drive to the other side of town or North Canton! Get Davies to deliver your drugs...oops, maybe they won't go down your scary street. Or in a pinch, pick up your prescriptions from your local dealer. Hmmmm, we wonder what the price is for street insulin.

Ward 4 resident and activist Donna Whelan's point that nobody votes down there is well taken, and I Hate Canton acknowledges that this is part of the problem that needs fixed. Unfortunately absentee slumlords are barely brought up.

Still, that an entire ward has been abandoned by the city and is virtually bereft of commercial services is not acknowledged as particularly odd by our Reppies. What can you expect from the people who live there, they yowl. After all, if people in the 4th Ward don't shoot it out at the OK Corral with the local thug element, it's their own fault they can't get their Proventil, Tagamet, and Premarin, and Paxil. And who in Ward 4 doesn't need a daily diet of of Paxil to get through the day--especially if they read Rep comments about their neighborhood?

The Octopuppet hydra led the charge against the abandoned (6...count'em...6):

They should have closed years ago. Why stay in the GHETTO where criminals feed off you daily. If the folks there would have raised they kids to be decent citizens and not druggies, gunnies and hoes maybe they could still have the priviledge of a drug store.

genie--the scum are their own kids. That is why it will never end..

The police are outnumbered a 100 /1 by scum and their supporters .And if the police don't approach them with flowers and candy the abuse allegations and law suits start flying.

Sounds like these people in the picture haven't done squat for that ghetto area.

Gee, maybe if the area wasn't such a crime ridden dump, they would stay. Get a job, get a car, and drive to another store...

Now that the MRDD levy passed, I think you are going to see many more places shut down in Stark County. The taxpayers don't have any extra money to shop at these stores.

You notice they are not stealing a lot of condoms from there.Hair straightener and lotion , so they can be successful in their reproduction efforts.

Tom Dewey
mary spear:
Of course the Belden area is rundown exactly BECAUSE of the people living there! It is not the city's responsibilty to paint your house, mow your lawn, raise your kids, find you a job, and have a drug store on your block! Enough of this victimization crap! Take responsiblity and place the blame on the individuals causing the problems!

There is and has been more money than ever funding education, social programs, and rehabilitation programs and things continue to get worse. BLAME the people that are NOT contributing to the greater good of society. They are a cancer that destroys everything they touch. These cancers DO NOT respect the contributing, law abiding citizenry, so why continue to enable their behavior? NO more execuses for them, history has proven this is a failing proposition.
In a short time, every city neighborhood will be just like the Belden area.

I Hate Canton finds it hard to believe that John Saxton would approve of these shennighans and even lowlife mayors like EE Curtis must be spinning that Canton would be maligned in this manner.

There is no choice but to honor Octopuppet entities meridithb48, demsndoes, snoozie, Julie S, mary, and Tom Dewey as the collective Village Idiot for May 22, 2009.


Anonymous said...

We need to fix Octopuppet up with Bill Marzich. As I have said before, they are a match made in heaven. They have so much in common! Both of them are miserable, both are consumed with hate. They both like to write under 100 different phony names (Although we haven't heard from Bill in a long time). They're both chubsie-ubsies, so they will enjoy long romantic meals, followed by hot sweaty (really sweaty) love-making sessions.

Come on, Octopuppet. The man of your dreams is waiting for you in Perry Heights. You know you want it.

mary v parker said...

Octopuss, don't forget to bring Twinkies.

BD said...

Frank, you bring up a good point. I Hate Canton would love to post under a real name, and will eventually no doubt. The day that Octopuppet is banned from the Rep permanently and action is taken to keep it banned. For now think of this as a broadside,or IHC as a Benjamin Franklin. Or in a pinch, The Federalist Papers.

Anonymous said...

What's good for the goose is good for the gander. "Octopuppet" is a spineless coward who uses screen names as a shield while she lies and slanders at will. And the Rep lets her.

Fine. Turnabout is fair play. Why shouldn't this little turd have to suffer the same treatment by other anonymous commentators? Screw her.

Anonymous said...

"Little Turd" I like that!! We wouldn't want it to get a big head.