Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, May 11, 2009: "Virtual Fence" Thread, Jim Jenkins, Qucikzx9r

NOTE: Just as this blog was going to press, the Virtual Fence discussion was shut down.

Just as I Hate Canton suspected would happen, Virtual Fence Planned Along US-Mexico Border has jumped to the top of the chart. It's enough to make us wish for another abortion or race bashing (that is, black people bashing) thread. We guess Reppies can't pat their heads and rub their tummies at the same time.

After reading yesterday's remarks on a couple dozen articles and having business to attend to this morning, I Hate Canton has summarily chosen the entire Virtual Fence thread as Village Idiot of the Day.

While none of yesterday's comments can equal those of May 10 winners otterk1 and sdsteelman1, we give props to two posters, who had they written earlier might have made the cut:

Jim Jenkins
There's a border? Learn Spanish, enjoy the tacos and adopt the children that are separated from their parents due to the parents committing felonies and not being able to speak English or more accurately 'Americanise'. To be politically correct, isn't 'undocumented' the proper term?


Qucikzx9r (who actually posted a few hours ago, well into today)
How much is it going to be to upgrade to the automatic gun turrents? We need to protect our borders and if the automatic gun turrents where let run for a while I think we might not have a virtual wall but a real wall of border jumpers thatmade their last jump. Ifthey would put as much work into fixing their country as they do in getting in to ours they might nothave any reason to come here.

Before we go, we also want to commend Gallimaugry for attempting to bring a bit of sanity to the insane. Gallimaugry, who has identified him or herself as a lawyer elsewhere, and always writes like one, wrote in part:

This thread is depressing, and this is coming from a supporter of stringent and stringently enforced border controls. Those of us asking for responsible border security would have a much better shot at persuading the centrist voters where majorities are won and lost if the wild-eyed racists weren't the most publicly visible and vocal advocates of the cause. Arguments about poverty, crime, and undercutting the social compact of the federal regulatory structure (wage, hour, and working condition protections) could have every bit as much traction without direct or coded references to Hispanics.

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