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Village Idiot of the Day, May 29, 2009: "Oberlin Schools Retain Ban on Pledge of Alligiance" and Sub-awards to Numerous Others in Thread

Sometimes you just know when an article is going to be trouble. For instance, as soon as I Hate Canton saw Oberlin Schools Retain Ban on Pledge of Allegiance, we said to ourself, Nellie, bar the door!

The Oberlin School Board has decided to ban the Pledge in classrooms. Some parents don't like "under God," another family has children with dual citizenship and doesn't like them pledging fealty to the US. Oberlin School Superintendent Geoffrey Andrews offered a compromise that would have allowed the pledge to be read over school public address systems a few times a month without the words “under God,”included. Naturally, that didn't fly (no pun intended), and was defeated by a 3-2 vote earlier this week. (No date given in the story)

Back in the day, I Hate Canton spent a lot of time deadbeating in Oberlin mainly with Wobblies, Chicano organizers, writers, and a few libertarian-type academics. Oberlin was real town/gown, and we'd be surprised back then,that such an idea would have ever taken hold. The townies were ill-read provincials and the gownies were over-educated Marxists, who our crowd, in kinder moments, considered "misguided" and a drain on our energy, though they tended to throw good potluck Sunday brunches we were all too happy to mooch. Outside the confines of the college, townies ruled. Maybe not now.

But whatever is going on up there, it sure got our own local yokels hetted up.

We are giving out our award differently today since there are so many worthy recipients expostulating on the subject of flag saluting in so many ways.

First, we give the full Daily Village Idiot Award for May, 30, 2009 to the entire thread: Oberlin Schools Retain Ban on Pledge of Allegiance.

Under sub categories we award the following:

To those who believe that God created the United States as His personal bailiwick and couldn't care less about the rest of the world, THE GOD IS AN AMERICAN AWARD goes to:

First Place: mom1989
....and you wonder why the world is like is...we all could use GOD in our everyday lives, and most of us NEED THE FEAR OF GOD!!!!

Second Place: JFenno
If God must leave our country then why should anyone stay? Most of all, why should anyone of us continue to support a government devoid of God?


To those who believe that liberals are traitors, ACLU communists, and US hating reprobates, the LIBERALS HATE THE FLAG AWARD goes to:

Honorable Mention (tie): mustangman
Cut off all their state funds and see how long it takes the un-Americans to change their tune. The devil has a stranglehold on this country and you can thank idiots like these along with the ACLU

Honorable Mention (tie) : taxedtoomuch (NOTE: also opposes school levies)
The liberals have gained control of this country. GOD help us all! This really makes me ashamed when my country is disavowing its origins.

Honorable Mention: bbg7600
As long as we keep creeps like this school board in government positions we'll have a lot more to worry about in a decade or 2. We'll be saying the pledge to the flag of China. By the way, it won't be a choice then


Our tried and true favorite category, the AMERICA LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT AWARD, with special props today for Dutch Haters, we give to:

First Place: ottertk1
In someone refuses to pledge allegiance to this country in the manner in which Congress has declared, then they should be reported to the Department of Homeland Security. They are truely a risk to the security of this nation. This has nothing to do with religion, but swearing allegiance to a nation. Meaning that you would be willing to lay down your life in defense of it.

Second Place (tie): Mandim
If 'little Miss or Mr. Dutch' do not want to pledge to the country that is educating their children, then GO HOME!!! WHO THE HECK NEEDS THESE TYPES OF FOREIGNERS; they are probably not paying any income tax/property taxes/school levy taxes anyway. This just infuriates me; especially after viewing the Memorial Day program on television that made me swell with pride over America and its dedicated men and women of the armed forces, of which SOME, gave their lives so that WE, as Americans can say the Pledge ANY TIME & ANY WHERE WE WISH!!! Those who have given their lives for this country BELIEVED IN THE WORDS ''ONE NATION, UNDER GOD'!!! I'm sure those legislators who wrote and added the words were NOT HIGH SCHOOL DROP-OUTS but very educated individuals. Kudos to Paula Jones who wants the pledge said every day WITH the correct wording. She should be given a permanent position on the Board of Education!!!!! As for the Principal that suggested this 'change' , I think a replacement is in order!!! Perhaps if there were more 'God-fearing' people around, Canton wouldn't have witnessed yet another fatal shooting situation. (love that zero crime tolerance policy) WAKE UP PEOPLE. I, personally, think prayers should be brought back into the school system, JUST ON GENERAL PRINCIPLE as a form of sheer discipline, respect and respect for others. I AM MAD ABOUT THIS AND EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD BE JUST AS UPSET

Second Place (tie) Frank Manello
So if the school doesn't want to pledge your allegiance to our country, what country do they pledge allegiance to? How far left is left enough for these idiots? As for the Dutch family; go ride a windmill. They would be speaking German if it weren't for the good old USA. Take your wooden shoes and go home.

Third Place: mom1989

We all have the FREEDOM to choose, but we have that FREEDOM because we live in the U.S.A. The pledge is not asking you to WORSHIP anything. We should all be thankful that we have this right, because if we lived in any other nation you would be told that you have to WORSHIP the flag/nation or you would suffer consequences. It is a PRIVILEGE to be an AMERICAN. We hand out citizenship/passports like it's candy, and that's the problem. If you choose to live in AMERICA, you should say the pledge with PRIDE and fly the AMERICAN FLAG with pride. It's a choice, if you don't like it go somewhere else where you have more FREEDOMS, then let us all know where that is.

Honorable Mention: Plano Mark
I pledge allegiance to this flag
And if that bothers you, well kiss my backside and then leave the country.


Now a very special award for antiquarians who specialize in rousing yet archaic political rhetoric without a clue to the meaning of the phrase they are adopting for modern discussion. Our first JOHANN MOST MEMORIAL ARCHIAC OVER-STATED BLATHER AWARD goes to hopeforchange for appropriating "bloody butcher's apron " the term Scots used for the Union Jack that was once flown in Scottish courtrooms. This award will probably be reserved for the lefties our Reppies hate so much. There is no doubt a appropriate model for conservative commenters who suffer from the same malady. We hate to use William Jennings Bryan, so we shall look around for a more suitable model. Father Coughlin perhaps?

First Place: hopeforchange
I refuse to say the statist pledge or to fly the butchers apron. The America I could be proud of vanished long ago. Do you know that the Pledge was first introduced by socialist Francis Bellamy in the 1880's? Until the early 1900's most school rooms did not have a flag. People felt more patriotic to the Constitution and Bill of Rights than a piece of cloth. Until the late 1930's government school children said the Pledge with palm and arm thrust out in the fascist salute. I guess the early progressives were successful in changing the meaning of America from individual liberty and freedom, to worship of the state. Instead of telling those of us who long for a return to the American ideals of liberty and peace to leave the country, why dont you leave, and give us our country back. PS - Take your creepy Pledge with you.


I Hate Canton salutes all our winners today. What would America be without you!


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Anonymous said...

My favorite quote of them all is from our esteemed scholar Frank Manello:

"As for the Dutch family; go ride a windmill. They would be speaking German if it weren't for the good old USA."

Uh, actually, Frank - the Dutch language is much closer to German than it is to English. I'm sure this Dutch/American family speaks excellent German, as well as English and Dutch.

But your point is taken. Next time you're down at the Italian-American club, remind the old imported goombahs that they would all be speaking Italian if it weren't for Uncle Sam, too.