Monday, April 13, 2009

Look Who's Talking! "Delulsions of grandeur" cause people to use their real names at the Rep

Today's Rep published an op-ed out of the Washington Post, In defense of posting anonymous comments on websites by former WaPo editor Doug Feaver. Reasonable people can agree to disagree on the efficacy of anonymous posting. I Hate Canton understands why some people are comfortable with anonymous/roman a clef posting. (After all we're I Hate Canton). Unfortunately, this comfort zone also protects a small number of anonymous haters and vendettaists who daily puke out race, ethnic, nationality, and religious garbage onto the pages of the Rep. While ostensibly attacking various groups under the guise of free speech, (some of these attacks ARE real) the real targets usually are individuals with whom the poster has run afoul, not on the pages of the Rep, but in real life. Maybe even years ago. Decades ago. About 90% of the hate fest comes from the keyboard of one person and her imaginary friends. She is transparent to all but the newbie and clueless.

It is with great amusement, then, that I Hate Canton caught the following remark from our resident Sybil in the "anonymous posting" thread. Posting under one of at least a dozen current personalities, "demndoes," our loquacious correspondent wrote:

Delusions of grandeur would be the only reason for using your real name in a forum like this.Especially since it was was one of the delusional who let it slip that they like to dig as deep as possible into a persons life. How many people write books under a pen name ?

So, its those big bad egotists and narcissists who take old fashioned responsibility for their words who are the problem, not our humble, unassuming anonymous hydra who smears the reputation and character of posters to feed her own miserable ego.

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