Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day: April 20, 2009: The Canton Repository

Did the Rep get punked?

Yesterday the Rep published the funniest letter to the editor in I Hate Canton memory: "Tea Parties" allow us to dream of end to socialism written by one Jesse Ward of Brewster.

Mr. Ward starts with the usual anti FDR diatribe dearly loved by readers (particularly Bill Hardie who is under the impression this is still 1932.) Grabbing the reader's attention Ward subtlety moves into territory no Reppie has gone before:

Imagine a work force with every man master of his own destiny, free to barter his labor for whatever wage his skills will command. Employers, freed from forced contributions to the socialist entitlements of pensions and health benefits, would expand business and hire even more workers.

NOTE to Mr Ward: You do Max Blanck and Isaac Harris, owners of the Triangle Shirt Waist factory, proud!

Mr. Ward reveals his Christian commitment to the personal fulfillment of teenagers by calling for their liberation from the material world through labor:

Dream with me now, America. With the demise of labor unions, we might even be able to — dare we hope? — overturn the intrusive child labor laws, freeing our youth from the tyranny of idleness exemplified by skateboards, iPods, cell phones and video games, and delivering them to the salvation of honest toil.

Mr. Ward then closes with a crescendo of hope for the downtrodden of "Obama-nation" and a return to a balance of nature:

From the ashes of this ruined “Obama-nation” will arise a utopian capitalist society not seen in America for generations.

Unfortunately some of our Dear Readers aren't in on the joke. Here are two responses:


The biggest sin ever put over on the American people is that 40 hours constitutes an entire work week.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with 6 or 7 day work weeks.

IF you want something, work for it. End of story.

and our beloved Mr. Hardie expended three paragraphs of his life on pension envy:

How then is the wealth amassed to afford retirement so early in life? Many public workers, who often speak out against your freedom of choice to do the same, are able to circumvent paying into Social Security, freeing up money that is invested in a far more lucrative private system..

We'd like to think that the Rep was in on the joke, too, but the way things are going lately with Octopuppet...probably not. We are tempted to award Twinson42 and Bill Hardie with runners up commendations, but the Rep must stand by itself on this one.

It it with great pleasure, therefore, that I Hate Canton awards The Canton Repository the Daily Village Idiot Award, April 20, 2009.

NOTE: I Hate Canton is still involved in some pressing business. Not pants, but business kinds of business. We will be out of town for a few days, and will try to post on-the road. Whatever happens we to our regularly scheduled blog next week.

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