Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Note on "LeVar Burton"

Yesterday, octopuppet "LeVar Burton" posted a spurious claim against Don Cirelli. which included personal information about Mr. Cirelli and accused him of serious illegal activities. The post appeared on the In defense of posting anonymous comments on web sites page.

I Hate Canton has archived the thread but will not repost the comment here. This post, in I Hate Canton's opinion, is actionable, though we do not know how a complaint can be pursued due to anonymity standards at the Rep and its seeming inability and disinterest in controlling vicious commenters.

Although we hope this comment has banned "LeVar" from posting further, we also know that it will do no good since "he" already posts under at least a dozen names. The sick part of this is that even if everyone ignored octopuppet's comments (it's been tried) , they would continue with the octos arguing among themselves and dragging in uninformed, newbie and fed-up regular posters.

On a related note, when it rains, it pours. All of the comments on Hob Nob's neighbors pressing city to act (see yesterday's I Hate Canton) have been removed. Oddly, while some of those comments were obnoxious, they did not, with the exception of the comment we posted, really warrant removal, at least by current Rep standards and practice. And why the entire thread? Because the posts attacked a business and not individuals?

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