Thursday, April 9, 2009

Village Idiot of the Day, April 8, 2009: "goldenone," "Bob Matthews," "Mr. Thompson1216," "FYMP," "demndoes"

"LeVar," "LeVar" where are you? Imagine an entire day without its snappy retort, its compassion for the downtrodden, its deep insight into the human condition. Well, it happened Wednesday. That doesn't mean that our leading MPPPer took a break, only that LeVar is resting. Two other personalities, at least, (we don't know them all) came out to apply for the Daily Village Idiot Award: "goldenone" taking first and demndoes" snagging an honorable mention. Other winners are "Bob Matthews," "Mr Thompson1216" and "FYMP." Come to think of it, our obsessive MPPPer has made a career out of Rep-stalking Mary Parker. FYMP = Fuck You Mary Parker? We may have a trifecta here!

Man charged for threats, stalking estranged wife
People that don't believe in being married are nasty. I mean really now, only animals set out to stay single and date person x that has been with person z that was with person p that was with person t and everybody has done everyone else and so on...just plain nasty."

Tying for Top Idiot is our old friend:

Bob Matthews:
Plain woman arrested after children found on roof
I will bet you any amount of money the mom was african american!!! They never know where there children are or what they are doing.So many of your comments already proved that.


Letter: President should favor working class over big business
He will never favor the working class because he is not and has never been part of the working class.My point is that he has no class to begin with,what did you expect from SUPER _ _ _ _ _ _? With his ugly wife with the big forehead lol.

Second place tie goes to Mr Thompson1216 and FYMP for their insightful comments on domestic violence,stalking, and patriotism.

Mr. Thompson 1216:
Man charged for threats, stalking estranged wife
If you really love your children sometimes you will go to some crazy lengths to see them. The mother in the situation can't be that stable either, obviously they have talked in the past months and she seems to be moving from one place to the next. A protection order can be given to a person just off of the presumption of harm through an exchange of words.The life of a soldier can be stressful enough, sometimes the only thing that keeps you sane is the thoughts and memories of your children. Kinda hard to be abusive to a woman in Ohio when you live in Texas....Hmmm.

FYMP: (note; alleged stalker is an Army major)
Just4kicks, you are disrespectful!!! Apparently you have never served your country in any capacity. Those soldiers are all out there putting their lives on the line and the only thing that keeps them from going insane is the thought of coming home to their family. All to often when the soldier gets home the wife is gone with the kids. You say 'I don't feel sorry for him. He chose his lifestyle and all its pressures.' Guess what!!?? SO DID SHE!!!! SHE MARRIED A SOLDIER!!!!

And fnally our runner up: demndoes.

In some respects, I Hate Canton agrees with our commenter, but it is our duty to remind our Gentle Readers that other demndoes personalities have manifested a slavering affection for a certain elected official of the Democratic persuasion.

demndoes (speaking of public employees and elected officials)
FBI now involved in treasurer theft probe
Not better than every body else, just better than those glorified welfare recipients. who don't know what a real days work is . They ,make their living off the system, raise their families on it and generation after generation collect that government check., ands of course that's not enough . Their sense of entitlement leads them to find way to cheat the system. but unliker their poorer cousins we get the chance to cut them off every so often. You defend them any way you like, their bottom feeders.who think their sh!t don't stink.

and the companion piece:

Apparently the truth hurts ,bottomfeeders

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