Monday, April 6, 2009

Village Idiot, of the Day, April 6, 2009: "LeVar Burton"

A NEW FEATURE! Starting today, I Hate Canton will present the Daily Village Idiot Award to the poster who makes the greatest contribution to local idiocy. Nominations encouraged. Possible multiple winners.

LeVar Burton:
New fire station in Canton to cost trees; some people upset
We don't need a new fire station. Besides, anything on fire south of Tusc. should be allowed to burn to the ground, anyway.

NOTE: That's interesting. Our winning entry has been removed from the
Rep, perhaps due to the death of 5-year old Azariah Adkins in a fire last week, although he did not live south of Tusc.

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John E said...

Ha ha ha. If you take "90%" of the population you would then have all the idiots. The village would lose 399,462 idiots. Years of posting coming up.