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Village Idiot of the Day, December 14, 2011: antiunion1

With good reason, you could call I Hate Canton lazy.  After all, we've been gone  for quite awhile.  But,  today, as we peruse daily comments from our Reppies-- and have an assortment of Villagers to chose from -- we are still struck by antiunion1's  total  idiocy as he continues to defend his anti-American policy of shopping foreign-made, as long as it's not union.  At least dssteellman1 admits to shopping online as a way  to stick it to the Stark County Taxman, though we doubt ds is  particularly pro-union.  As a matter of record, IHC shops online, too, mostly for convenience, but in day-to-day transactions tries to buy local. We particularity appreciate a nearby locally owned beer, wine, and cellphone store.  Tax never occurred to us. Fast booze does.

Here we have antiunion1's  two latest:,  We are posting them in reverse order, to give a better picture of anti's pathology.

Best Option:  Buy Union

See if you really know me , i just dont buy from korea or china or even japan.... if you read my comments well i dont buy union made items! I own a kia today is because there is no non union made car company in the us (notice: kia even built a plant here in the us and i wont buy from it)...i do buy american made items as long they are not union made...i buy all the time from the internet and from companies across this nation. So i do support my fellow non union worker...again...I SUPPORT MY FELLOW NON UNION WORKER. (i do research and if that company is non union i buy from walmart target etc.)

Unions are the destruction of this nation and is why china is becoming the super power. American union workers are the greed of this nation and its becoming destroyed becuase of it therefor i will not and will not buy union items from this country!
First i drive a nice kia that was totally made in south korea! next my job is very secure i work at walmart ...the biggest retail employer in the world and 100% non union thats why we are the best retail store in the world! 
antiunion1 is clearly suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.  On one hand, he, most likely desperate for a job, took one at Walmart and now considers himself a Walton family member. (Perhaps antiunion1 was abandoned as a child).  On the other hand, he wants the rest of us to be as used, unprotected, and insecure as he is in his chosen profession..  Minimum wage (or a little +) is good. Well-paid workers and consumers are bad.  Unless, antiunion1 is a managerial hotshot at the home office, we're wondering how  a "sales associate," stocker, and greeter negotiates his individual wages and perks with the Colossus of Bentonville.

(Sidenote:  Speaking of money: IHC attended a professional conference three years ago  where one of the lunches was "sponsored" by Walmart,  a "close friend" of the organization. It consisted of a stuffed tomato, roll, and ice cream.)
Of course, we doubt antiunion1 is a hotshot.  One has only to read his posts to note his literacy level:  ---at least as far as proper capitalization is concerned. Perhaps he is texting his comments.
26 typos in the first post; 9 typos in the second post.
Conversely, we are impressed that antiunion1 spends hours researching online each purchase before its made to guarantee the product is untainted by the hands of union moneygrubbers and thugs.  We are, therefore, surprised that antiunion1 would choose the Repository for his instrument of communication, since its union.

Once again we are happy to present antiunion1 with the Village Idiot of the Day Award, December 14, 2011.

NOTE:  We have been referring to antiunion1 as a he, but we're not really sure.  Bruce Hodgkins comes to mind as the creator of antiunion1, but he's too full of himself to go non de plume, and we haven't heard yet what the Catholic Church thinks about unions We suspect he knows, and wont' tell. Women tend to research more than men, and we can't imagine any self -respecting man spending hours trying to deconstruct products for union taint. We'll keep referring to antiunoin1 as the default male until shown otherwise.

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do me a favor- I post on the rep as sboz777- check out theame19's silly comments on both all harless related articles as well as the two recent editorials concerning harrisons hit on colt- he is trying to bait me into a fight (which I would totally stomp his head on a curb and cripple him) he's a foolish man crushing idiot.