Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Village Idiot of the Day, December 12, 2011: antiunion1

We've been gone again, but not without guilt. We've been writing for another venue and looking for a job.  But we have a new idiot.  We mean a real idiot.  He or maybe he's a she, has driven us out of busy schedule for a moment (and hopefully longer).

Our newest idiot is antiunion1.  antiunion1 consolidates the worst attributes of  sourdough sal, Bruce Hodgins, mustangman, dssteelman1, ocean, Just S tom,  and octapuppet into one truly idiotic Reppie.--and just when we thought nobody could be more idiotic than the usual suspects.

Yesterday the Rep published a nice letter: Best Option: Buy Local  from Shirley Tope of Massillon, suggesting that people do their Christmas shopping at local stores, not online. Support the  local economy.   You know, the local economy that our local haters complain about incessantly.

Then pops in antiunion1:

i will only buy at walmart, I also buy what i can online...so i dont (as much as i have to ) pay stark county tax. I also DO NOT buy from union stores. 

To uswapal - who thinks if you dont buy american your unamerican...well sorry my frieni would buy american once and only if unions are removed from society then ill buy american. OR if there was an american car company that was 100% non union then i buy one until then nope..ill continue to buy online! or from walmart! 

sorry typo in last comment ...instead of frieni it should say friend 

Strange s/he only corrected one of  18 typos (counting lack of capitalization)

We're sure antiunion1 isn't a stranger to the Repor village idiocy, but since we don't have yet have a clue, (Hodgie Baby?)  we're opening a new case file.

Village Idiot of the day, December 12, 2011:  antiunion1

We're looking forward to more wit and wisdom.

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